Sunday, December 30, 2012

Travel Days - Waynesville, Ohio to Neosho, Missouri

One last picture from Dryden Rd. This was Thursday night after church.

Me and my Pastor, Bro. Bennie D. Sutheland

We pulled out for our first revival of the new year on Friday morning. It was very, very cold but there was zero wind so it was not bad at all. I would rather have 20 with no wind than 50 with high wind if I have to be outside.

Here we are at Dodds church hooked up and ready to go. These miles will go in the books for 2012 but in reality this is our first trip for 2013. We are starting a big loop that includes Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, Indiana and back to Ohio in June. All of which is subject to change!

My Dad came out to help us get ready to go. We sure miss our family already.

We had originally planned to drive to the Flying J in Sullivan, Missouri. That is about 440 miles and that would be plenty for our first day back on the road. However, about 25 miles before Sullivan it started snowing. There was no snow in the forecast for I-44 during that time of day but it was snowing anyway.

I made the executive decision to press on to Ozark, Missouri. We needed to take care of some business while passing through there and it is not too awfully far from Neosho. I did not want to be stuck in Sullivan by snow so we kept on driving. I had to slow down for most of the remaining miles but we made it right about dark.

We are parked in our little RV Park behind Lambert's. It is just a parking lot but it has 50 amps of electric, water, sewer and it is only $20 a night. We have been here so much that I told Kelly Jo we ought to buy this place. I wonder how much they want?

Of course we ate at Lambert's. Probably not the wisest thing to do since my head was spinning from driving 604 miles in 9 1/2 hours. I did sleep good for about 7 hours though. That is always nice!

We rested some on Saturday and then I took care of holding tanks and fresh water while KJ and Odie took care of some business. Of course we ate at Lambert's again Saturday night.

Very serious decisions being made right here...

My girls are beautiful when they are happy and well fed, aren't they?

We finished the drive in about 2 hours Sunday and started revival at Victory Assembly and Pastor James Link. We had a great time here last year and we are expecting God to help us this year.

We had a good crowd and good service on Sunday. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.

May God bless you all on the last day of 2012.


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