Monday, December 3, 2012

Gaither Homecoming Columbus, Ohio

I promised a full Gaither post with better pictures.  We had a wonderul time.  Each singer did a fantastic job.   This was the first Homecoming concert for Gran, Kim, Courtney and Kayla to attentend. I have beeen to several over the years but I still enjoy them very much!

The highlight for us was getting to see our favorites the Isaacs.  They did a wonderful job on their songs.  Sonya, Becky and Ben backed different artist up with vocals and music on several songs.  The Isaacs lineup Friday night was: Lily Isaacs, Sonya Isaacs, Becky Isaacs Bowman, Ben Isaacs Nathan Faucett (drums) and John Bowman ( guitar & banjo).

Also appearing that night was:
Charlotte Ritchie
The Martins ( Joyce, Jonathan & Judy)
The Booth Brothers (Ronny Booth, Jim Brady &; Michael Booth)
Buddy Greene
Gene McDonald
Gaither Vocal Band ( Michael English, Wes Hampton, Mark Lowrey, David Phelps & Bill Gaither)
Other members of the band were: Kevin Wiliams ( Guitar), Greg Ritchie (drums) & Matthew Holt(piano).

Hope you enjpy the pictures!!


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