Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nigeria Update #4 - Sunday 12/2/12

Update #4
We were not able to post from Nigeria as we had planned. This is an update that I wrote while there. Please scroll down for additional updates or see a list of Recent Posts to the left.

2:05 PM
We had service in Bro. Shobanke's main church this morning. There was a great crowd and God was present to work among his people.

Odie recorded a video clip on her iPad before we came for Bro. Shobanke's church. We played that for them this morning and they loved it.

We filmed their response for Odie. It was very enthusiastic. I will try to post it for you. They love Odie in Nigeria.

Then we presented a surprise gift from Odie. Odie bought a full sized Yamaha keyboard for Bro. Shobanke's church. It is a Yamaha P-95. It really is an amazing gift.

This is their response to Odie's gift.

Thank you Odie for your sacrificial gift for the church in Nigeria. You should have seen their response. They will never forget how you demonstrated your love for them.

God will not forget it either. He will bless you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. You sure made your old Dad proud.

Bro. Shobanke's people are so easy and enjoyable to preach to. It was great today.

Bro. Shobanke has a two story building on the church property and they use the second story for a prayer room. This is the prayer room.

There have been some mighty prayer meetings in this room.

The view from the prayer tower.

The building on the left is the church and the two story building on the right is the Sunday School and children's church.

The side of the church.

The front of the church from the road.

Bro. Lockwood and I passed out candy to the children in Sunday School.

Inside Bro. Shobanke's church on Sunday morning.

We begin the Gospel Crusade tonight on the grounds of the new church branch tonight. They are coming to pick us up in less than 2 hours.

It is time for some rest. We slept almost none after 12:00 last night. It was a long restless night but we got a lot of praying done.

The rest of Sunday's news will be in the next post.


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