Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nigeria Update #2 - Friday 11/30/12.

Update #2
We were not able to post from Nigeria as we had planned. This is an update that I wrote while there. Please scroll down for additional updates.

Praise God! We slept great last night. I stayed in bed from 2-9:00 and got up feeling refreshed. I still feel like somebody beat me up but at least I am rested. Lol

Kelly Jo was able to nap a little more while we are waiting for Bro. Shobanke.

Bro. Shobanke is coming about 1:00 to visit for a while then we have our first service this evening around 5:00.

4:40 PM
We had lunch in the hotel restaurant. It was our first meal here and I forgot to take pictures.

Bro Shobanke came and had the tailor measure me and Bro. Lockwood for some African clothes. We visited some with him afterward and had prayer too.

Bro. Lockwood getting measured by the tailor.

I had hoped to be able to skip a nap this afternoon so I can adjust to the right time zone but the power went out about 2:45 and off went the lights.

I was already fighting sleep and since I could not see to read I laid across the bed and went out like the lights. The way I feel right now, the nap will not hinder me an ounce tonight.

10:20 PM
We had church tonight in one of Christ Ambassadors Holiness church branches. Bro. Lawrence is the pastor and Bro. Stephen is his assistant.

It was so good to be with them again. They have completed a lot of work on the church and it looks so nice.

The church is so beautiful. The crowd kept coming in until is was packed and many were sitting outside.

Who is that pretty girl playing that Yamaha keyboard?

The kid's choir sang us a welcome song.

Pastor Lawrence is the first one on the left.

The folks received us with open arms and made us feel so welcome. They always make us feel special but we know the truth. It is our distinct honor and privilege to be here in such wonderful company.

I preached from Jesus miracle of feeding the multitude with the lad's lunch in John 6. Several young people and children surrendered their lives to Christ in the altar.

Afterward I called for folks that needed a miracle and asked Bro. Shobanke to pray over them.

It was beautiful. Thank you for those of you that prayed and fasted for service #1. There is no doubt you made an eternal difference in somebody's life.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we are supposed to preach in a second branch church. We were blessed to be in that church as well in 2009. It should be a great night.

Thanks for praying for us.


Home Update: We are adjusting back to eastern time zone and rested several hours over the first 24 hours we were home. My parents and Odie picked us up at the airport and we stopped at Skyline Chili on the way to the BoggsMobile. Odie had purchased some groceries for us so we would not have to think about food the first few days. Isn't she sweet? I think we may decide to keep her. Lol

We had a great meal at Acapulco Wednesday. The salsa is still good enough to drink!


  1. Now you're giving ME Jet-Lag..reading these posts that are posted today...but are from November! I feel like George Jetson!! JK...Enjoying the posts!


  2. Bro. Ekainu Gabriel.December 14, 2012 at 8:33 AM

    Great works God is doing through the Boogs family in Nigeria. Thank God I was part of the programme during their last visit to Nigeria. It was power packed. I was really blessed. Just that we missed Sis. Odie. Regards.


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