Monday, December 17, 2012

Nigeria Update #5 - Monday 12/3/12

Update #5
We were not able to post from Nigeria as we had planned. This is an update that I wrote while there. Please scroll down for additional updates or see a list of Recent Posts to the left. 

There will be a second update today about noon. It is a update from our weekend.

11:50 AM
We are not adjusting to the time change easily but that seems to be normal for us. I guess sleeping through that first night was due to exhaustion.

Tonight we were so tired from very little sleep the night before but we only slept about three hours. After that it was no use to try but we tried anyway.

No complaints. I could be home sleeping like a baby and missing out on these great meetings.

The reason I am not sleeping could be that I have some kid left in me. I was 17 the first time I traveled overseas on a Holy Land Tour with Kash Amburgy and my Uncle Joe and Aunt Lily Isaacs.

I think it was an 11 day tour. We went to Greece, Jordan, Israel and Egypt. I slept very little the whole trip. There were other young people on the trip and we stayed up most of the night every night.

The days were packed full with tours and amazing sites. At night we sat in the lobby on our floor and talked about all the things we had seen.

I was so excited that I could not sleep. When we boarded the plane in Egypt I slept all the way to where we changed planes in Athens. When we left Athens I laid down across four seats in the center section and slept 9 1/2 hours to New York.

Perhaps I still have a lot of kid in me and I am just too excited to sleep on this trip! That may be the case but my 45 year old body is having a hard time keeping up.

10:25 PM
Tonight was another wonderful service at the Gospel Crusade. Several responded to the altar call for salvation. It was awesome and so exciting.

Bro. Shobanke's workers are praying in the altars and taking down information of those that are praying for salvation. They intend to disciple the new converts and build that new branch church. Their zeal and determination is wonderful.

Each night there have been three uniformed policemen sitting close by with AK-47s across their laps. It is always comforting to know they are near.

We have been speaking to the officers each night and Bro. Lockwood had a good visit with them before church tonight. They enjoyed looking at the pictures of his hunting trips and talking about guns.

As we were about to leave tonight one of them approached me. He said, "My name is Julius. I could not come forward because I am in uniform but I want you to know that I dedicated my life to God tonight."

Praise God! I ask him if I was allowed to pray for him and he said I could. I prayed for him right then and tried to encourage him in his new relationship with Christ.

Hallelujah! He was just one of several tonight but I was so thankful he prayed and thankful he told me.

Thank you to all those who prayed for service #5. God bless you for your help. God saved souls in answer to your prayer.

We have one more Crusade service tomorrow night (Tuesday) and then we plan to start the Minister's Conference on Thursday morning.

We are enjoying the blessings of God.


This is Julius in the picture below. He is the policeman that was saved.

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