Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nigeria Update #10 - Saturday 12/8/12

Update #10
We were not able to post from Nigeria as we had planned. This is an update that I wrote while there. Please scroll down for additional updates or see a list of Recent Posts to the left. 

8:20 AM
We both slept a little better and we thank God for that.

The last day of the Ministers Conference is upon us. It is hard to believe this trip is wrapping up soon. We looked forward to it so long and in two days we will be leaving.

I do hate to leave these folks so bad. I know that it will probably be two years before we see most of them again. I suppose that is part of being an evangelist.

Bro. Shobanke does his very best to treat us well. He is a terrific host. I pray that God blesses him tremendously for the blessing he is to us.

8:05 PM
What a wonderful conclusion to the Ministers Conference. The men and women filled the altars today dedicating themselves to God's service. It was beautiful. I challenged them this morning to walk in purity before God and they responded. I believe God performed a lasting work in some hearts and lives.

It was great to see the preachers and all of the church workers rejoicing and praising God at the end. Bro. Shobanke danced and shouted like a young man. It was a refreshing move of the Holy Ghost.

These were services #11 and #12 today and God helped in a mighty way. God bless all that were praying. I could feel the strength and the help of God. He helped me boldly declare some things I needed to preach and I believe it was in response to your prayers.

When it was time to say goodbye we hugged and wept all over the place. These people have my heart and I sure hate to part from them. They were all declaring that God would send me back in 2013. I told them we will see. If He sends me back I will be glad to come.

We are aiming for bed soon because we must rise early in the morning. Bro. Shobanke will be here around 7:30 AM. It is about a two hour drive to Ibadan if all goes well.

We will be preaching one service for Bro. Kuye there and then coming back tomorrow afternoon by God's grace. I will try to tell you more about his church tomorrow.

I hope you are enjoying the pictures we are posting each day. There is no way to capture the excitement of these services or to convey what we feel while we are there. I am afraid a few words and pictures will never communicate it well but that is all we can do.

This is Dr. Hull and his wife Arleta. They are the Baptist missionaries that I wrote about earlier. Dr. Hull came to the Ministers Conference on Friday morning and they both attended Saturday morning. It was very kind of them to visit the conference. 

It is common today to turn a cold shoulder toward those that do not believe just like you but how Christ like is that? We decided long ago to err on the side of compassion and kindness and it has always proven to be the best route. The Hull's extended their hospitality to us and we tried to do the same to them.

God bless you all.


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