Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nigeria Update #1 Travel Day - Waynesville, Ohio to Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Update #1
We were not able to post from Nigeria as we had planned. This is an update that I wrote while there. Please scroll down for additional updates.

We left Waynesville about 11:30 AM and flew from Dayton to Atlanta.

We finally left Atlanta about 2:00 AM Thursday morning. The flight from Atlanta to Lagos is 10 1/2 hours but it seemed so much longer with the delay.

The flight from Atlanta to Lagos was completely full.

There is not much Delta could have done to make things any easier. Both flight crews and the ground crew were great. The flight really was very smooth.

Whatever the problem was with the plane, I am glad they found it on the ground instead of over the Atlantic. I did not see one place to pull over.

The picture below was taken just as we were passing over the coast of Africa.

We landed at 12:40 PM eastern which is 6:40 PM here in Nigeria. The lines for Customs here can be long and slow but we breezed right through.

Bro. Clement Okoh attends Bro. Shobanke's church in Abeokuta and is an immigration officer in Lagos. He met us at the front of the line and walked us right through to baggage claim.

While I was getting our carts and Bro. Gary was watching for our bags, Bro. Clement took our passports, visas and immigration forms and processed of all that for us.

It was a huge blessing to us. Thank God that Bro. Clement was working in the right place at the right time on the night of our arrival.

We waited at baggage claim over two hours on our bags but thankfully every bag made it through. That's a blessing in any airport.

When our bags were on the carts we went through a couple more check points and then met Bro. Shobanke and the brothers outside. It was so good to see them all.

By 3:20 PM eastern we were loaded up and ready to leave the airport. The drive from Lagos is always exciting but by 5:20 we had arrived at the hotel in Abeokuta.

It is 7:30 PM eastern time now and we have been up 36 hours. That means it is 1:30 AM here and time for a long, long nap.

We usually wake up at 3:00 AM for 2-3 hours our first several days but we are hoping to do better tonight.

In future posts when I refer to time I will be referring to the local time here in Nigeria. It is six hours ahead of the eastern time zone in the USA.

We do not have WiFi in the motel so posting maybe infrequent, sporadic or nonexistent.

Friday night is service #1. Thanks for praying for us.


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