Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On American Soil Tuesday

12:10 AM / 6:10 PM

Not quite on American soil but I will be by the time I finish this post. Right now I am somewhere over Africa on my way to Atlanta.

Yesterday's trip to the airport in Lagos went fine. It only took a little while to process through customs and to check-in. The last time we left Nigeria it was at least two hours before we even approached the security line.

That time the airport was so hot that I nearly melted into a "little" puddle while we were waiting to be processed. This time it was much cooler, much faster and much easier.

After we had our boarding passes it was time for security and time to say goodbye to Bro. Shobanke, my dear friend.

That was hard. I love that man so much. I appreciate him more every time I am with him. We spent at least a couple of hours together each day in addition to the time in church. I hated to leave him.

I can not believe how good this trip was. God was working at every turn. Kelly Jo had some allergy problems and we did not sleep much but watching God change people's lives was definitely worth a little inconvenience.

It seems humanly impossible but we are hoping to rest some on this flight. The man across the aisle was asleep before we left the ground.

Good night all.

8:00 AM Eastern
We have arrived in Atlanta after a long flight from Lagos, Nigeria and we are glad to be on the ground. It is good to be on American soil. We love Nigeria but there is no place like home. (To quote my friend Dorothy)

We did sleep some on the flight. Kelly Jo let me sit next to the window for a while and we slept fitfully, sporadically and uncomfortably for about 5 hours. That is much better than normal.

We still have to fly to Dayton today but if all goes well we should be home shortly after noon.

Later today or tomorrow I hope to start posting updates as I wrote them each day. They will be numbered 1-12 in the title and will have the date they were written in the title too.

Kelly Jo and I also have lots of pictures between us. We should be able to post them with the update from the day they were taken. The pictures in this post are random pictures from throughout the trip.

Not everything we saw and experienced was included in those daily updates so I will have other news from Nigeria also. I may post more than once a day so be sure to scroll down and look at the posts below.

I can not stress enough how much God helped us. I know you prayed for us and God answered us those prayers. Thank you and thank God.

God bless you and thanks again for praying.


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