Friday, December 28, 2012

A Very Boggs Christmas

The Boggs Christmas celebration was Christmas afternoon and evening at the Dodd's Church fellowship hall. We have been having our Christmas dinner there for several years now. It is very convenient and easy to clean up afterward. It is real nice for us since the BoggsMobile is parked a few steps away from the front entrance!

We had a great time and great food. Of course great food is always a big part of a Boggs event. We are very thankful that the whole family was able to attend this year.

I am writing this Thursday night about 11:00 PM. We went to church tonight at Dryden Rd. The year end revival started tonight with different preachers each night. I am sure it is going to be good but we need to pull out Friday morning. We will have to miss the rest of it. Tonight would have been good IF the preaching had been better. But I happen to KNOW the preacher did the best he could.

My 1st cousin, Gary Coffman brought his snow blower to Dodds church and helped me dig out from the snow on Thursday. I started the bus and let it run a couple of hours. Everything aired up good and seemed to be working properly. If all goes well we plan to be on the road reasonably early Friday. There is snow in the forecast for Friday night and we want to miss that if at all possible.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day.


Loving cheese is a requirement in the Boggs family. It is part of our DNA. My brother Tommy provided the cheese for the Christmas dinner this year and what a spread of cheese he supplied! He brought all sorts of unusual cheeses and put them on separate plates with a description above each one.

It was a dandy idea and a very delicious one too!

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