Saturday, November 24, 2012

Travel Day - Texarkana, Arkansas to Nashville, Tennessee

We started before 9:00 yesterday morning and had a great travel day. I expected the traffic to be heavy the day after Thanksgiving but it was not.

We had a little bit of one lane construction traffic in Arkansas and that was about it. We drove a little over 490 beautiful sunny miles.

We could have driven the other 195 miles to London, Kentucky but I have learned from experience that 500-550 miles is a good limit for me. Besides we have some business to take care of here.

We pulled into Prevost Nashville before dark and rested good over night. They have a great big parking lot and it has gated access for security. It is a real nice place to stop.

Speaking of nice places to stop, we had to sleep among the trucks Thursday night in Texarkana. That Flying J used to have designated RV parking like all the rest. It says on the brochure that it still has it but it does not.

They have put in a new entrance and I suppose that took the area for RVs. I hope that does not become the norm because we stop at a lot of Flying Js.

The leaves were nice in Arkansas yesterday.

The BoggsMobile and Green Machine in West Memphis, Arkansas

Found these at a truck stop. I guess I should say they found me.

Raspberry Dark Chocolate M&Ms! O mi palabra!

What will they think of next?

We had dinner at Jack's BBQ, our favorite in the Nashville area. It was good as always.

We also sang at the Grand Ole Opry last night.

Yep, we sang at the Opry as we were driving around looking at the Christmas lights.

That was our travel day.


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