Sunday, November 25, 2012

Travel Day - Nashville, Tennessee to London, Kentucky

After we rested Saturday morning Kelly Jo worked on packing for our trip to Nigeria. She has more stuff to pull together and pack than I can remember and not much time to do it.

She works so hard to keep us going but especially on trips like this. She is irreplaceable.

We finished some work and headed for London, Kentucky. We left a little before 5:00 PM central time but it was already mostly dark. Official sunset was at 4:34.

Nashville may be saving a lot of daylight with "Daylight Savings Time" but they are not getting to use it in the winter. The Gov'ment must be shipping it to Florida or some where.

It ended up being about 199 miles to Bro. Lester Carpenter's church just south of London. We pulled in a little after 9:00 Eastern time. We have driven right into winter. It was supposed to be 21 last night and I believe every degree of it.

Since it is winter it is time for some heat. The fire place in the BoggsMobile is so inviting. You like it?

We saw this on the highway Friday. It looked like a brand new front loader washing machine in the back of a nice Cadillac. I guess she ran into a black Friday sale that she could Not pass up!

We are supposes to be in service here this morning and another church tonight. I will try to give you a full report tomorrow.

It is only 200 miles home so we plan to drive it tonight. I hope you have a great Sunday in church.


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  1. It was great being in service with you tonight. I love all of you dearly!


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