Friday, November 23, 2012

Travel Day - El Mirage, Arizona to Texarkana, Arkansas

Our day started early in El Mirage, Arizona. Bro. Jorge and Sis. Mary Stevens took us to the airport in Phoenix for our flight to Dallas. We left about 5:40 AM.

I appreciate them loaning us their truck while we were there and for getting out so early yesterday morning. Bro. Jorge also brought me a Carne Asada Burrito from Humberto's. Yum! What a friend! I hope I can be a friend like that.

We landed in Dallas, loaded up in the Green Machine and headed to Gainesville, Texas and the BoggsMobile. We ate our Thanksgiving meal along the way at IHOP. Not a traditional Thanksgiving meal but quick and pretty good.

The BoggsMobile was in good shape when we arrived. I am always glad to see that. We unloaded the Green Machine and prepared the bus for take off as quick as we could. I think we left by around 3:30.

We did get to visit briefly with Pastor Dennis King and Sis. Judy before we left Gainesville. I appreciate them for allowing us to leave the bus there and keeping an eye on it while we were in Arizona.

We realized we were going to make it to Texarkana before it was too late in the evening so we taxt (Past tense of text instead of the awkward "texted") Bro. Dennis and Sis. Lynn Heath. They met us with their children at Denny's in the Flying J where we parked for the night.


It was so great to see our friends and have a few laughs. It seems like it has been forever since we have seen them and had time to visit.

We had a good snack at Denny's and great fellowship with all of the Heath family. They are super great folks.

I am so glad they were able and willing to take time to meet us on such short notice.

We visited with three sets of friends in Arizona, Texas and Arkansas in about 13 hours. How cool is that?

We hope to make about 500 miles today by God's grace. I better get started.


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