Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Go Vote

Seth Michael Jeffreys makes his blog debut today. He was born in September to Bro. Nathan and Sis. Leah Jeffreys. He is adorable. Thankfully through technology I get pictures regularly. I can not wait to see him in person next summer. 

Nathan and Leah have allowed me the privilege to be his adopted aunt. He is so precious!

Seth said "I'm ready to vote, Aunt Odie".

Never too young to teach them to support their country. Proverbs 22:6 says"Train up a child in the way he should go".

When I text Leah to ask if I could use Seth's picture on the blog. She gave me permission and also sent some more pictures. I had to include the second picture of my handsome nephew. 

I thought Seth would be a good reminder to all of us to go vote. I am thankful we live in America which allows the privilege of voting. I did my duty via an absentee ballot. I am proud to be a red blooded voting American. Made sure you go vote today.

I remember 20 years ago wishing I could vote. Wow, now that makes me feel and sound old. I will never forget that night in 1992. We were in revival in Florida when President Clinton was elected. I counted the years until I was old enough to vote. I registered just as soon as I turned 18.  Now I've been a voter for 9 years. 

Whatever the outcome of today's election remember to pray for our leaders. Also pray for our military that fights to keep this great nation free. Thank you to anyone who has served our country!!!!


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