Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday 11-11-12 in Gainesville, Texas

We started revival Sunday at House of Prayer in Gainesville, Texas. Pastor RG Logan first brought us here in February 2003. We have had some wonderful times here through the years and these folks have been great friends.

After 50 years of service Bro. Logan is no longer able to Pastor the church.
His health has deteriorated to the point that he is rarely even able to attend services. Bro. and Sis. Logan have been very faithful to their post of duty at the House of Prayer. Please pray that God will strengthen them.

I am sure it has been a huge adjustment for the church after 50 great years with the same Pastor but they are marching forward. We certainly had wonderful services yesterday.

Bro. Dennis King served under Bro. Logan for many years and is now the Pastor. Bro. Dennis is a super guy and I know the Lord will bless his work here.

We will be preaching here through Wednesday and then we will be going to Arizona for Sunday through Wednesday next week by God's grace. We always appreciate you praying for us.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.


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