Monday, November 26, 2012

Travel Day - Sunday

Sunday was our fourth travel day in a row. We have not had four travel days in a row since we came back from Montana. Before we hit the road today we had a couple of services scheduled.

Sunday morning we sang and preached at Liberty Tabernacle in London, Kentucky for Pastor Lester Carpenter. Although we see the Carpenters at Bond and Dryden Rd. it has been several years since we have been to their church. It was so nice to see them and to be in church with them.

Bro. Carpenter was a great influence on me and Kelly Jo when we were young. He preached some great revivals that we attended both before and after we were married. He encouraged us in dedication and Godly living during some rough years and we will never forget it. It was blessing to preach in his church.

We ate a great lunch at the original KFC with Bro. Carpenter, Bro. Tim and Sis. Waveline Carpenter. I will have some pictures from lunch at a late date. After lunch we cranked the BoggsMobile and moved a few miles to First Pentecostal in London. We had parked the bus in their parking lot a couple of times when passing through but we had never been in service with them.

Pastor Vernon Jarvis contacted us earlier in the year about going by for a service. We set it up for this Sunday since I knew we would be headed home this weekend. We enjoyed getting to know Pastor Jarvis and his church better and we enjoyed the service too. We actually ended up knowing some of his folks and it was good to get reacquainted with them. Some of them I had not seen in 28 years.

After church we pointed the BoggsMobile toward Ohio and let it run. We stopped once for what should be our last fill up with diesel for 2012 and pulled into Dodds church about 1:00 AM. The next two days will be a whirlwind of activity as we wind up preparations for our trip to Nigeria.

It is good to be home even though we have not seen anybody yet and we will not be home long. It is still good to be home.

God bless,


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