Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Day Home and Getting Ready to Leave

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is departure day for us and we are knee deep in preparation. We worked most of the day Monday and we must work all day today to pull everything together for Nigeria. As I said the other day, Kelly Jo works so hard get things ready. She has been proving it again today.

We did take a small break yesterday evening to spend some time with family. Kelly Jo's great uncle Bill Morgan passed away on Thanksgiving day and we attended the viewing. We saw a lot of family and friends and it was good to see them all.

We also said a cheerful tearful goodbye to Odie. She went to stay with Kelly Jo's parents for a few days. She is hoping to go deer hunting again this year. Hopefully by the time we return from Nigeria Odie will be a deer slayer and not just a deer hunter.

We grabbed some Cassano's pizza on the way back to the bus and shared that with friends as well. We appreciate Bro. Jared and Sis. Valerie Burris for stopping by to visit for a few minutes. They are here from California visiting family so we appreciate the time they spent with us.

We went to my parents house today to retrieve luggage and extra clothes that we keep in Dad's barn. It was real good to see some of my family too. My Dad needs prayer physically. I will probably share more on that when I return from Nigeria.

Pastor James Fellers had planned to make the trip to Nigeria with us but as often is the case with a Pastor, he can not leave at this time. We are very disappointed that he is not able to go but we know his first obligation in ministry is to his church. We sure will miss him.

Bro. Gary Lockwood from Sun Valley Church in Florence, Montana is going with us this year. Bro. Gary is a layman in Pastor Mike Metzger's church and we are happy to have him along for the trip. We will meet up with Bro. Gary in Atlanta for the overnight flight to Nigeria.

I appreciate all of the calls, texts, email and letters we have received the last few weeks letting us know that you are praying concerning our trip to Africa. I know that we need God's help, guidance, protection, provision and power. Thank you for praying for us. May God bless you for it.


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