Monday, January 9, 2012

Chairs For Tent Revival - Which?

It is time to get serious about ordering chairs for Tent Revival season. Our first revival of the year starts 11 weeks from yesterday in Citronelle, Alabama. That will slip up on me quick. The chairs I used last year belong to Bro. Whiffen so they were returned with the tent. They were light weight and folded very small which is very important with hauling everything around the country. The one drawback to them was their 220 lb. weight capacity.

I have found the same light weight chair in an 800 lb. capacity for around $10 including shipping. That comes to a shade over $2000 for 200 chairs. I know that is a bunch of money but we have to have them unless we expect everybody to stand up! This is the best deal any where online and the company is great to work with. They will even ship to a home or church without a loading dock. THAT is a big help. Most more expensive places would only ship that many chairs to a loading dock.

We do have a decision to make before we order them. The decision should really be black or white. In fact it does come down to black or white. Do we order black chairs or white chairs? There are some pros and cons of each.

These chairs are going to be handled dozens times in the first year. They will be leaned against poles, stacked on the ground, carried 6-8 at a time and will travel several thousand miles strapped in the trailer. They will be used outside in all kinds of weather and endure some rough treatment. White or black these chairs are going to get scratched, dirty and stained. 

The one white chair we ordered as a sample was scratched with light use in the bus in just a few days. We are sure these will show wear and tear much more quickly. 200 white chairs will look nice and neat under our new white and blue tent. In the heat of the day I believe the white chairs will absorb less sun and be cooler to sit in.

The black chairs would probably hide stains and scratches better and would be easier to touch up with a marker. 200 black chairs will still look nice and will probably hide scratches better but will they be hotter in the sun?

What do you think? Which chairs would you recommend we buy and for what reason if any? I will tell you that there is a consensus of opinion in my house and among others that we have asked but I am the lone dissenter. Everybody we have asked agrees together but I still lean toward the other color. I won't tell you which until I hear from some of you.... It doesn't really matter to me I just want to spend $2000 wisely.

Speaking of $2000... These need to be ordered shortly after February 1st. I mentioned earlier (In Odie's Newsletter I think) that we had some money toward the purchase of these but not all of it. God has proven faithful in this whole venture so I am confident when the time comes there will be money to pay for it. God provided the money for every Tent Revival last year. He provided the money for the new tent and plenty of places to put it up. I believe God will provide this as well.

Here are pictures of each chair and links to see more pictures and information... Let us know what you think, please....





  1. I vote Tan or Brown....but since that is not an option for this chair, I will have to choose BLACK (only because of the outdoor use). Yes, heat is to be considered, but it's a simple pros vs. cons. I am more willing to sit on a HOT chair verses a white chair with a big black stain on it...even if I know it's just a stain and it won't rub off on my cloths. I agree that the white chair are beautiful...but as we say in the medical field, it's only sterile until you touch something with it.
    Also...take the guess work out of the equation. Can you see yourself ever regretting buying the black chairs -OR- ever seeing yourself regretting buying the white chairs? I don't see "regrets" with the black chairs...only "what if's". In the case of the white cares...I don't see "what if's", but just possible "regrets".

    Either way...God is in the whole're not going to make a wrong choice here. Although it would be so much nicer if He would just make ALL our decisions for us.
    Love & miss you guys.

  2. I would agree with TKBoggs train of thought. In the long run, black would be better. It would not take long for the white chairs to be covered with shoe scuffs and general marks of wear and tear.

    As for the black retaining heat...wouldn't most of the chairs be under the tent? Even if they did get hot it would keep people from getting too comfortable and going to sleep!!! JK!

    That's my piece from the "For What It's Worth Department"!!

    God Bless!

  3. I would say black because I know what its like every time we have to bleach and clean the chairs you used just to make them look presentable. I dont think the black would be too hot under tent except ones in direct sunlight, which could simply be remedied by a throw blanket.

  4. Thanks for the comments. All good points. You would think that somebody among our millions of readers would favor black chairs... Lol!

    Anybody else care to have a crack at it.


  5. Black!!!!! It's classier and easier to keep clean. Can't for Tent Revival!!!!!

  6. I think you might be leaning toward the white ones??? However, I think you better go black. They will look nicer longer. Dirty, dingy white chairs are not pleasing to the eye. Bright white is beautiful, but with the kind of stuff you need the chairs for they won't STAY bright and white long at all. My vote is for black. ~Holly~

  7. I think you would more happy with black in the long run. Dustin

  8. I vote for both. You could set them up in a checker board pattern. Or you could set the white one up front for the "saints" and put the black ones in back for the "sinners". LOL JUST KIDDING...I like the black ones too.

    Janet Smith

  9. Wow! To purchase white chairs now would almost be direct rebellion to the blog readers of the world!

    Actually, when we were home for Christmas my Dad suggested the same thing as Janet so we did get some half hearted votes for white...


  10. White is prettier. Imagine getting Odie out of bed before
    lunch and handing her a bottle of Greased Lightning and a
    rolll of Bounty. Never a prettier site than a fair maiden "glistening"
    in the sun prepping for her Daddy's tent revival. Might get some help.

  11. Hey y'all! Black chairs would prob be the best..but I do think the white chairs would look so good under that white & blue tent!!! If you decide white, magic erasers work wonders on stuff like that & would prob get out all the scuffs & marks! Heidi

  12. I agree with everybody else!! "Black"
    I sure hope you weren't hoping for white!!! Sounds like you may be the only one!! haha

  13. I vote for the color that wins!!! This sounds pretty serious to me!! I'm Getting excited to see what color is ordered!!!

  14. Looks like the black chairs won the day. The white chairs didn't stand a chance and for good reason. Who would want 200 silly old white chairs anyway. They will just stain, scratch, scar and mar in a few uses. I can not believe anybody would want that! Can You?

    So Black it is!


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