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2011 Travel Route

Here is our 2011 travel year in review. I need to do this several times a year but since I have not, here it is all in one lump.

December 27, 2010 - January 29, 2011
The BoggsMobile traveled from Waynesville, Ohio to Nashville, Tennessee, Elba, Alabama, Pine Prairie, Louisiana, Carthage, Missouri, Miami, Oklahoma, Weir, Kansas and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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This leg included working on our Live recording in Nashville, revivals at Zoar Holiness Church in Alabama, Pine Prairie Christian Tabernacle, Faith Church in Oklahoma, Faith Tabernacle Church in Kansas and Hilldale Holiness Church in Tulsa and assorted one night services along the way.

January 30 - February 27
The BoggsMobile traveled from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Oklahoma City, Purcell, Oklahoma, Richton, Mississippi.

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This month was extremely eventful. While at Hilldale, Holiness Church in Tulsa we were hit with the biggest blizzard on record in the Tulsa area. The biggest snowfall on record combined with the lowest temperatures on record and extremely high winds made for a terrible storm. We made memories for a lifetime with Pastor Nathan Connors and his church but is sure was cold while we were doing it!

We also purchased the trailer that we used for tent revivals while in Oklahoma. Pulling it to the south to pick up the tent was another great adventure. About 100 miles into the trip we noticed the hitch on the BoggsMobile was broken and had probably been broken since before we bought the bus. The weight of the trailer revealed the problem in a big way. It was a very, very long day limping it along until the hitch could take no more. Pastor Tracy Boyd and Bro. Jr from his church came and rescued us late at night in the middle of now where Louisiana. 

We went on to Mississippi and Bro. Don Tabor pulled the trailer to Mississippi for me. I had the hitch fixed in Richton, Mississippi and it has been as good as new.

We preached revivals in Hilldale in Tulsa, Calvary in Midwest City and New Mission in Purcell, during this time. We had to cancel one revival because of the blizzard so we stayed at Hilldale two weeks and finally managed to get in about one week of revival. lol

February 28 - April 23
The BoggsMobile traveled from Richton, Mississippi to Wilmer, Alabama, Semmes, Alabama, St. Stephens, Alabama, Ellisville, Mississippi, Dothan, Alabama, Ozark, Alabama, Cantonement, Florida, Conehatta, Mississippi and Sterlington, Louisiana

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This leg we had revivals in First Assembly in Richton, Midway near St. Stephens, First Assembly in Ellisville, Mt. Sinai near Dothan and White Plains Assembly near Conehatta.

This stretch of time had some thrills as well. We spent several nights hiding out in churches due to tornadoes and other bad storms. The hail storm in Dothan did thousands of dollars of damage to the roof of the Boggsmobile and trailer and about 10 hits on Mr.Cheap Jeep.

We also had 5 tires put on the BoggsMobile in Dothan, Alabama. We also had the roof stripped, sealed, painted and clear coated in Cantonement due to the hail damage. Bro. Jake Parkerson and his crew did the work and really helped us out of a bind.

April 24 - June 25
The BoggsMobile traveled from Sterlington, Louisiana to Pine Prairie, Louisiana, Ft. Worth, Texas, Westville, Oklahoma, Iron Post, Oklahoma, Keystone Lake, Oklahoma, Wichita, Kansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Bristow, Oklahoma, Miami, Oklahoma and Weir, Kansas

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During this time we preached revivals at Sterlington Holiness Tabernacle, a few more nights at Christian Tabernacle, Hale Mountain Holiness Church, Iron Post Holiness Church, Hale Station Holiness Church, Bethany Revival Center and Tent Revivals in Tulsa and Miami, Oklahoma and one night services in various places. We also attended much of Bristow Campmeeting.

We ducked for tornadoes again in Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma during this period. We also detoured through Ft. Worth to have front brakes replaced on the BoggsMobile.

July 2 - August 27
The BoggsMobile traveled from Weir, Kansas to Springfield, Missouri, Elco, Illinois, Paducah, Kentucky, Waynesville, Ohio, Verona, Virginia, Elkton, Virginia, Bristow, Virginia, Ruckersville, Virginia, Waynesville, Ohio, Dayton, Ohio and Central City, Kentucky

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We started this leg with Tent Revival in Weir, then Campmeeting in Elco, then Tent Revivals in Elkton and Ruckersville, Virginia with a revival squeezed in between in Bristow, Virginia. We also preached several single services, took in a night of Verona Campmeeting, preached Tent Revival in our home town of Waynesville, Homecoming at Dodds and attended all of our home Campmeeting at Dryden Rd.

August 28 - October 22
The BoggsMobile traveled from Central City, Kentucky to Salem, Kentucky, Paducah, Kentucky, Metropolis, Illinois, West Plains, Missouri, Ellisville, Mississippi, Wilmer, Alabama, Harriman, Tennessee, Independence, Iowa and Waynesville, Ohio.

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This circle included revivals in Central City, Salem and Paducah, Kentucky, Metropolis, Illinois, West Plains, Missouri, Wilmer, Alabama, Wartburg, Tennessee, and Independence, Iowa. It also included our last Tent Revival of the year in Richton, Mississippi and a few single services.

October 23 - November 19
The next four weeks we left the BoggsMobile in Ohio and took to the friendly skies.
We flew from Dayton to Missoula, Montana by way of Minneapolis, Minnesota...
Then Missoula to Fresno, California by way of Salt Lake City, Utah..
Then Fresno to Phoenix, Arizona by way of Los Angeles, California...
Then finally Phoenix to Dayton, Ohio by way of Atlanta, Georgia.

This trip included revivals in Florence, Montana, Atwater, California, Riverdale, California and Phoenix, Arizonia. We also officiated a wedding in Florence, Montana and preached single nights in Fresno, California and Avenal, California.

November 20-23 was our last revival of the year in Sharonville, Ohio. The rest of the year we preached weekends and midweek services in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. We took the BoggsMobile some but we didn't drive it much the rest of the year.

December 28, 2011 - January 1, 2012

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We left home on the 28th and arrived in Wynnewood, Oklahoma the 29th. I replaced the bus batteries on the 30th and we made our way to Blair, Oklahoma on the 1st of January. That wraps up the travel for 2011.
Thank God for a safe and blessed year!


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  1. Wow......time consuming post. I love it.

    It would be REALLY KEWL if you were able to keep an up-to-date map that inked your travels from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. This is something you could post once a month or so.

    Love and miss you guys.


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