Saturday, January 28, 2012

Revival in Pictures - Faith Tabernacle Church Weir, Kansas

Wow! What a revival we have had this week in Weir, Kansas at Faith Tabernacle Church. God has blessed and healed and encouraged every night this week! Praise God! This is our tenth January in a row that we have preached revival in Weir, Kansas and these folks show no sign of slowing down. We appreciate Pastor Fellers and his family and church. They are special friends of ours.

Below are a bunch of picture of the Faith Tabernacle folks and visitors.

We are singing tonight in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. HERE are the details. We start revival tomorrow morning for Pastor Leon Rich at South Mission in Broken Arrow. Our travel day "should" be under 3 hours today.

God bless,


Just hanging around!

Blake in his own hat!

Brother Fellers had gout in this foot so bad and then accidentally slammed it in the truck door. He is demonstrating here how he wanted to kiss his foot because it hurt so bad. He was testifying about that foot being completely HEALED earlier in the week!

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  1. Just wanted to stop by and say what a wonderful blessing it was to be at Weir and be able to attend the revival with you! God really blessed my heart and life and has been answering prayers all week and has continued to answer them since I returned home. God spoke to me on Thursday night of the revival and told me to do several things (which i have and am still doing) to receive my healing for my eyes. I really believe God was healing and helping in the revival and I stand upon his promise to heal my eyes. Faith without works is dead so I am doing what God asked of me and believing he is going to heal!! I will be in prayer for all of you and Tristan told me today that she would love to send blbles to a country that needs them and I thought about you all and your trip to Nigeria with Bro. Shabonki this November--could you let me know if they need or are able to accept Bibles and I will proceed from there. May God Richly Bless your ministry, sacrifices, and dedication to him and his service, yours in Christ, Sister Perryman


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