Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Revival, Air Leaks, Chairs and Tent Revivals

Revival is going good at Blair. Pastor Hudson scheduled two weeks and we are now at Wednesday of the second week and things are still cranking. These folks love to have church so they make it easy on us to sing and preach. We have more pictures of the folks and we will probably post them Friday or Saturday. Friday is Youth Rally so I may wait until we snap some pictures that night as well.

I am still working on the air line that is leaking. A very nice gentleman (Bob) from Indiana sent a piece of the hose and a fitting so I could show people what I was talking about and possibly use the fitting for the repair. I spent the morning going several places and explaining the situation. I was finally pointed to a diesel mechanic who thinks he can use the parts Bob sent and also use his idea to fix it. He wants me to bring it in on Friday. Pray for me that I can make the right decision. I am very picky who works on the BoggsMobile.

All three comments in response to the last post about Chairs for Tent Revival have chosen black. I was really hoping for more of a response so mosey on over there and leave a comment. It is looking like black may win the day. Put your two cents in either way...

We now have 13 tent revivals firmly scheduled for this year. That is probably about all that I dare to fit in. We are still receiving calls inquiring about tent revivals so we may be doing these for a while. I am certainly open to whatever, wherever the Lord leads.

I need to prepare some more for preaching tonight. Thanks for praying for us.


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