Thursday, January 12, 2012

Driving Tent Stakes/Reinventing the Wheel

Bro. Larry Landress and I have been looking for better ways to drive tent stakes. I believe the 48 ft round tent I have ordered has 26 stakes. If it is set up as 48x70 it will have more. That is a lot of stakes to drive over the course of a summer. Especially if we set up on clay, gravel or a parking lot!

Bro. Landress has access to a used electric jack hammer at a decent price and it will surely drive the stakes. I have found out since I was with him that the rental tent industry relies heavily on the electric jack hammer. It is pretty heavy so he has also been trying to see if a large Milwaukee hammer drill will do the job.

Pastor Hudson mentioned an air powered t-post driver. I have looked up several and the one below is the best I have found.

Now this would be awesome for driving tent stakes....

It is also pretty pricey! It lists for nearly $2000.

Any opinions or ideas? (Especially from some of you guys that helped me swing a sledge hammer last summer! Lol)


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  1. Wow...what an amazing gadget. That's like driving a car to church verses walking barefoot in the snow, up a hill...both ways.


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