Friday, January 27, 2012

Keep Praying for Beautiful Kari Noe

I have been texting with my little friend, Kari Noe this morning and I thought it would be a good time to remind every one to hold her up in prayer. She is battling Leukemia and needs God's touch every day. You can find pretty regular updates on Kari HERE. Please pray for Kari, her little brother Malachi, their mother Ashlee, and father Matthew and grandparents. They are under a tremendous load and they are depending on God every day.

Kari is so precious! She constantly entertains her family, the nurses and doctors and anybody else she comes in contact. I know that God is giving her strength each day.

Mosey over to her mother's BLOG and leave Kari a comment. Would you please? I am sure it would do her and her family a world of good to know that bunches of people over here are thinking of them and praying for them...

God bless,


Kari says, "Hi!"

I was teasing her about "Who is driving that bed?" and here is the response!


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