Monday, January 23, 2012

Revival in Weir, Kansas

Our travel day was short on Saturday. The drive from Neosho to Weir in the BoggsMobile is only 90 minutes or so but we did make a detour through Flying J for diesel. We have stopped at the Joplin Flying J a lot through the years and we have slept in their parking lot many times. It was good to see it back in operation after being badly damaged in the tornado last spring.

We are back at Faith Tabernacle Church in Weir, Kansas for the tenth year in a row. Bro. Fellers scheduled us for our first revival after leaving the pastorate in Wichita in January 2003 and we have been coming back ever since. We have had some wonderful times with these folks and we are off to a good start this year. Yesterday's services were glorious and we are expecting God to meet with us each night.

Pastor Fellers and his family and church have been dear friends to us and we love and appreciate them so much. They took a chance on us when we first hit the road and that first revival kind of sealed the deal for all of us. It let us know we were in the will of God and it cemented our friendship and kinship with these fine folks. We have been blessed through the years to meet some of the choicest people on the planet and the Weir church is right up there with the best of them.

We have almost zero phone service and very sporadic and unreliable internet service this week so posting may be slow to nonexistent the next few days. Hopefully we will have enough service to post some each day.

Below are a few pictures from Sunday. I am sure that we will try to post many more later in the week.


Blake has taken a liking to being photographed with my hat on. I will see how many different hats I can get him to pose in this week.... lol

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