Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RV Park/Revival/Tents/Chairs

We are like the lonely little Christmas tree that is the last one on the lot. We are parked in the Neosho city owned RV park and we are the only ones here. Actually we like the solitude and we are only about 3 minutes from the church. No noisy neighbors and the only sounds at night are the trains passing by. The park has ten grass/gravel sites and they all have 50 amps and water. Not too shabby for $12 a night!

Revival is going good at Victory Assembly. We are having a great time visiting with Pastor James Link and his family. Pastor Link has preached in Nigeria quite a bit in years past and has also been involved in tent revivals in Europe so we are gleaning all the information that we can. I love to listen to folks tell about their varied experiences in the ministry. It is amazing the doors of opportunity that God can open. We are certainly enjoying our visits with the Link family and the revival services.

Today I am meeting with David Tromsness the owner of the Miami Missionary Tent Company. We will go over our final arrangements for the new tent and it will be scheduled for production soon. I hope to have more information to post tomorrow. I am very excited!

It certainly looks like the black chairs won the day over the white chairs in THIS BLOG POST. The white chairs didn't stand a chance and for good reason. Who would want 200 silly old white chairs anyway. They will just stain, scratch, scar and mar in a few uses. I can not believe anybody would want that! Can You?

So Black it is!

We hope to order them around February 1.

Have a great day!


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