Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Birthday in Review

Thank you for all the birthday greetings yesterday. It was a wonderful day capped off with a wonderful altar service at church last night. Praise God for his blessings and help. God makes living a pleasure and is the only real joy in our lives.

I am so thankful that God has allowed our family to know Him and serve Him in these last exciting days. There were many times in years past that I wondered if we would ever make it through some of the difficult places. But by God's grace we lived to see other difficult times and many, many more joyous times as well.

Yesterday was definitely a chocolate day. These are from Kelly Jo and Odie.

I am writing a new song. "Hershey Drops round us are falling but for the showers we plead!"

A chocolate ice cream cake from the Victory church folks!

Chocolate covered coffee beans from the Metzger family in Montana hand delivered by Bro. Peter Metzger last night. Bro. Peter is attending OBI here in Neosho. What a surprise!

A gift basket from the church with chips & salsa AND a big bag of Russell Stover Chocolates!

Of course we had some Mexican along the way as well! So good!

Thank you for helping turn a bland January Birthday into a grand day. We have been abundantly blessed with friends and you all are evidence of that.

God bless you all.



  1. Great Day In The Mornin'!!! Looks like a great Bday to Me!!

    I'll help you on your song.."Hershey Drops round us are falling but for the POUND BARS we plead!"


  2. Ray,
    You may have a future as a fat guy!
    Pound bars! Splendid.

    1. I was on a diet...but I was always hungry...
      So I went on two diets!! Took care-o-the problemo!

  3. Chocolate and Mexican food....successful birthday to me!!


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