Thursday, November 4, 2021

Two Wonderful Weeks

I have some memories that I want to enter into the Mile Makers record today. We have experienced two weeks of wonderful goodness and our hearts are overjoyed because of it!

We love what we have been called to do. We love that we have the privilege to be asked to be an instrument of encouragement and maybe even revival in churches all over America. We can hardly imagine doing something wildly different than what we do. We are extraordinarily blessed!

Week in and week out, we get to roll in, set up and have church with old friends while making new friends at every stop. It is an amazing life we live.

In the midst of revivals every week, we have moments that are especially amazing. We have had two amazing weeks in a row due to one simple fact.

Week one we were in revival at Bethany Revival Center in Wichita, Kansas and in week two we were in revival at Crosslight in Moore, Oklahoma. Both weeks were super all on their own. Both churches are full of great friends and we had plenty of fellowship and awesome services in both cities. 

We thoroughly enjoyed so many friends coming to be in service with us and experience revival with us. We have been abundantly blessed with an incredible portion of great friends!

Yet there was one common denominator in both revivals and that one thing sent both revivals over the top in our books. My brother Steve and his precious wife Karen were in revival with us for the whole two weeks.

Steve and Karen live, work and attend church at Bethany so we were with them all that week. Then Steve and Karen drove to Moore and spent all five days and six services with us at Crosslight too. 

That means we were blessed to be with them for two whole weeks and 12 services. It was a rare treat that we enjoyed tremendously! Of course, they were mightly involved in prepping for and pushing revival in Wichita. Then they jumped into the services and ministry at Crosslight and made themselves at home. They were a great asset to that revival as well.

We had so much fun and joy both weeks. We shared meals, had great conversations, enjoyed friends together and soaked up the blessings of the Lord in every revival service.

I am so proud of Steve and Karen as they work in the ministry as God has called them in Wichita and we love every single moment we get to spend with them. We will enjoy the memories of the last two weeks for a very long time.

As an added bonus, we had Bro. and Sis. DiZazzo with us for three nights at Crosslight as well. That was a treat too!

Thank you for joining us today as we record precious memories on Mile Markers.


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  1. Thank you Davy. It was a very special privilege to spend so much time in service with you! Your friends have always been willing to be our friends. We love you three and we will always honor the work you’ve done.


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