Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Boggs Mobile Is Still Driving In Circles

Because of being sidelined for much of 2021, we only made two big circles in the BoggsMobile this year. You can see the details of our first circle of the year HERE. 

Our up close and personal brush with the worldwide pandemic ended our first circle of 2021 after only a month or so. That circle only lasted 32 days and 2692 miles. 

Although our second circle was long delayed, it was received with joy when it began on August 23. We left Dayton, Ohio and pointed the bus toward our friends in Lowell, Vermont.

Keep in mind, for the most part, I am writing about where the BoggsMobile traveled. There are places we visited and churches where we preached that I do not have space to mention in this summary. You can find out about all those places by following along each day or going back in time on the Mile Markers time machine.

We began the circle at the slowest pace of our lives, trying to build strength as we went and NOT hit a physical wall. We used up four days to drive the first 900 miles. We enjoyed the journey and pulled into beautiful Lowell Bible Church safe and sound.

From Lowell, we travelled to Brooks, Maine and then Peabody, Massachusetts.

From Boston, the BoggsMobile went to Charles Town, West Virginia, Elkton, Virginia and then Staunton, Virginia.

After Staunton, we spent a few days for bus care in Vonore, Tennessee and then travelled to the deep south. The BoggsMobile stopped in Richton, Mississippi, Milry, Alabama and Thomasville, Alabama.

Below is a map of our circle from home until Milry, Alabama.

We left Alabama, made a quick jump to Hodgenville, Kentucky and then out to Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Wichita, Kansas and Moore, Oklahoma.

From Moore, we made a 600 mile jump to Paducah, Kentucky and then scooted over to Central City, Kentucky before completing the circle to the Lazy OD Ranch near Waynesville, Ohio.

This is the rest of our circle beginning in Milry, Alabama and ending at home.

After being home 203 days this circle was 12 weeks (84 days) and the bus traveled 5610 miles. Not bad for a bunch of homebodies!😍

We ministered in eighteen churches, including one tent revival, one outdoor revival, two Fellowship Meeting revivals, six church revivals, three Pastor Appreciations and several other single service or two service stops. 

Seven churches of the eighteen churches we were ministering in for the first time. We love going places year after year and building relationships with folks, but that has to begin at some point. We love that!

That wraps up this circle. We anxiously await the next one!

Thank you for spending a few minutes with us today.


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