Friday, November 19, 2021

It Has Been A Great Week! 11/19/21

It has been a busy, happy week and we would not have it any other way.

Before we purchased the Lazy OD Ranch in December of 2014, our time at home was completely different. We would come home, rest a day or two and then go to church, visit with family, work on the truck and trailer (later the bus) and then hit the road again. That pretty much described our limited home time for eleven years of road life.

With the ranch, much of that has changed. We still go to church, visit with family, work on the truck, car, trailer and bus, but we now have added the responsibility of the bus barn, the yard and the house. Fortunately, the house is newish so it does not require much attention and Odie can take care of the small stuff.

The yard and the bus barn demand our undivided attention much of the time. It is not all bad though. The blur of activity Monday included Mom's pumpkin pie for Odie, lunch at Odie's with Mom and Dad.

You know that we have to do some vehicle shuffling. Dad had dropped the truck off before we arrived home. The Jeep had to be unhooked and moved, then the truck hooked to the small trailer and move it away from the barn. That made room to park the bus next to the barn.

The Green Machine was parked in the house garage and would not start. I pushed it out of the garage and rolled it down the hill toward the barn. After spending an hour on the battery charger, it cranked right up!

Tuesday and Wednesday KJo assembled the last to cabinets that we had purchased for the barn before we left. I aired up tires. Lawnmower tires, Green Machine tires, ten trailer tires and truck tires.

All of this was in preparation for our only warm day of the week and maybe the last warm day of the year in Ohio.

On Wednesday, the warm day in the 60s, KJo finished the cabinets, mowed and generally worked her amazing domestic magic!

I washed the plumbing bay in the bus and shuffled vehicles again. This time the shuffle included everything, including moving the tent railer out of the barn and moving the BoggsMobile into the barn.

I also shuffled some equipment between the bus and the tent trailer while they were parked in close proximity in the picture below. We need different things with us for each trip and I am looking ahead to what needs to be in the bus when we roll again for a long tour in January.

The bus had not been inside since mid August so quite a bit of tools and such had to be handled to make room for it. While inserting the bus, I washed the back of it. Washing it beside the barn makes a muddy mess, so this was the best that I could do.

I washed the top part of the back and then took a picture. Can you see the difference between the unclean and kind of clean?

This is the first time the BoggsMobile has been inside the bus barn with the overhead door installed. That felt good!

Every time I push the button to open or close that big overhead door it makes me smile from ear to ear! It does not take much to make me happy! That door is there because of a gift from dear friends and we are incredibly thankful!

Our beautiful week included Tuesday and Thursday at our home church at Dryden Road. It was so good to be back. We love our Pastor and church family.

Thank you for stopping in today.


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