Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Home, Home On The Ranch, The Lazy OD Ranch That Is!

We pulled onto the Lazy OD Ranch at 10:45 Sunday night after 270 miles from Central City, Kentucky.

It was too dark for a picture, but this is how we parked.

We should have made that trip in four+ hours, but we were seven hours and fifteen minutes getting it done. Ouch!

The number one reason was the two hour pitstop at a rest area. We stopped to eat and rest for one hour and as we started to leave, we noticed red on Google maps. There was a huge delay with an accident in a construction zone so we waited a second hour.

The number two reason was the many miles of 55 mph construction zones. Wow! They went on and on. It is hard to make time when I am running 45-55, changing lanes and dodging orange barrels.

Number three was the delay at a late night fuel stop in northern Kentucky. The TA in Florence was slammed and we waited quite a while before we could even begin fueling. Then the pump was slow and we took on 151 gallons.

All of that combined for a long driving day after a busy morning and afternoon. It was great to pull onto the ranch and next to the barn.

KJo and I have been planning for many months to leave Wednesday on vacation and then segway into ministry possibilities, but that trip was cancelled. We are scrambling to find a suitable alternative, but in the meantime, we have plenty to keep us busy.

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