Sunday, November 7, 2021

Our View Out The Front Window 11/7/21

Sunday Morning Sanity
A turtle that is on top of a fencepost is called a fencepost turtle. You have heard that reference, right? A fencepost turtle did not get on that fencepost without help.

The other day I was thinking about similarities between me and the fencepost turtle. There are two things on that turtle's mind and I have been pondering them too.

1. I know that I did not get up here by myself.
2. The next step is going to be a doozy!

Our View Out The Front Window
This was our view out the front window at the Missouri Welcome Center.

This was our view out the front window of the bus at Walmart in Mountain View, Missouri.

We could not resist this picture from the front door here at High Point near Paducah. It is so beautiful and peaceful here.

I hope you have a great Sunday. Thank you for stopping in for a few minutes. Tune in tomorrow for Revival In Pictures.


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