Friday, November 5, 2021

It Has Been Another Great Week 11/5/21

It has been a fun and exciting week since I gave you a full report from Moore, Oklahoma last Friday. The weekend at Crosslight was amazing. I was concerned about the long drive ahead of us on Monday and Tuesday, but the Lord helped us all weekend long and into the new week as well.

Sunday evening was Pastor Appreciation at Crosslight. After the regular service, I was asked to make some remarks honoring Bro. and Sis. Birdsong and the church served a nice meal afterward. It was very nice and the Birdsong's deserved everything and more. They are great people with a sincere love for people.

You can see pictures from Crosslight HERE.

We cranked the BoggsMobile about 8:30 Monday morning and we were rolling by 9:00. By 10:45 we were pulling into the Tulsa Flying J to do the work of the evangelist.

By 12:30 the bus was rolling into the Missouri Welcome Center near Joplin after 216 miles.

We spent nearly three hours there with a little walking, a little rest and a big meal. With 600 mile to drive from Moore, Oklahoma, we needed to drive a bit more for the day, so we cranked up and took off.

We had three target spots scoped out for overnight parking. The first one we dismissed on sight and the second one was a newish Love's at Cabool, Missouri. It has three RV spots out front, but they are entirely too short for us. They would have been perfect IF we were not pulling a vehicle behind.

The pull through truck spots were all taken so we pressed onto our third spot, the postage-stamp-sized Walmart in Mountain View, Missouri. We pulled in there about 6:30 PM after 394 total miles for the day. Whew!

We were able to park on the west side of the parking lot facing the McDonald's but even one car in the wrong place and we would not be able to park. That Walmart gets labeled as doable, but potentially difficult in the BoggsMobile checklist.

We were cranked by 7:35 and rolling by 8:00. Hwy 60 across the rest of Missouri is four lane and great for a car. It is not great for the bus with the hills and curves, but is completely doable. We were pulling behind the Sikeston Lambert's by 10:35 after 137 miles.

Lambert's was only 3-5 miles out of the way, so it made sense to us to swing in. We went in for a great lunch a little while after we arrived and then we rested a couple hours afterward before driving. Wow! Have I ever told you I love traveling with my own couch?😎

The next section of the route is one of my least favorites in the whole USA. There is a long narrow bridge crossing the Mississippi River and then immediately another long narrow bridge crossing the Ohio River. We nearly slapped mirrors with at least 10 semi trucks going the other direction, but we made it. Ugh!

We pulled into High Point Pentecostal Church in Paducah a little after 4:00, unloaded sound equipment with the help of Pastor Stevens and his son, parked the bus and then set up and did soundcheck. With nearly 600 miles behind us, it felt great to climb into bed Tuesday night!

Wednesday we began revival and we have been having a wonderful time ever since. Pastor Doug Stevens and his family and church have received us with open arms and we are having a wonderful time!

We will try to post many more pictures on Monday. Thank you for dropping in.


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