Tuesday, November 9, 2021

A Working Warranty?

Do warranties work out good for you? I have horror stories of warranties leaving us high and dry. It seems we have been left without coverage and without recourse too many times to remember.

Our latest warranty episode may be the exception to the rule at our house. I hope so.

We purchased a portable oxygen concentrator in late March of this year. As of Tuesday, 11/2/21, I had used it 1658 hours. 

This unit pulses oxygen rather than constant flow and it is supposed to pulse when you breathe in. It has ceased to sense my breath and is pulsing every two seconds no matter when I am breathing. 

We purchased a lifetime warranty including everything but water and fire damage so it should be covered. We have done that song and dance before and we were not looking forward to a return performance.

I thought we would have to overnight it to them and then they would overnight it back so I was waiting for the driving days between Oklahoma and Kentucky.

I called them and explained the malfunction and they decided to ship a replacement to me. I had them ship the "new" one to Paducah and it was waiting when we arrived.

It has 232 hours so it is a refurbished unit. That is no problem since it is a lifetime warranty.

It is nice to have it working properly again. Here are the two units side by side. The original is on the left and the newer one is on the right. They are exactly the same. The height difference is because of the battery.

As of Monday, the seller had not confirmed the FedEx return shipment although it was shipped one week before. Once it is there and confirmed I will breathe a sigh of relief.

I may have to change my tune on warranties, but my pessimism is still strong in that department. How about you?

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me.


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