Friday, November 12, 2021

It Has Been Another Great Week! 11/12/21

Scheduling Note: Due to a death associated with the church, there will be no service here Sunday night November 14. Sunday morning will be our last service of revival

Our week began with the finishing of revival at High Point Pentecostal Church in Paducah, Kentucky. We had a wonderful time with Pastor Doug Stevens and his family and church. Have you seen the Revival In Pictures? We posted them on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, it was a busy and productive day. The weather was beautiful so while KJo and Odie were gone doing laundry, I worked on some maintenance items on the bus. The generator oil needed to be changed and while I was doing that, I also cleaned the hush box as well as the air filter canister for the generator.

I noticed some clamps needed to be tightened and discovered a very small coolant leak. It is a wonder things hold together as much as they do with all the vibration that happens in the generator hush box.

We also shared another meal with Pastor Stevens and his family and we enjoyed the extra fellowship very much. We loved parking at High Point too. It is so close to town, yet smack in the middle of the country. Perfect!

Monday evening and Tuesday morning I worked on recording and loading videos for A Word For Wednesday. I wanted to record and upload at High Point, because the phone and internet signal has historically been nearly nonexistent at the church in Central City.

I am happy to report that we do have a smidgen of cell signal at the church this week. It is not near signal enough to load a video, but we can make a call and do limited online work if we stand still and exercise patience. We are thankful for it.

Tuesday afternoon, we cranked the BoggsMobile, pulled up to the church in Paducah and loaded our sound equipment with the help of Bro. Stevens and his family. We stopped at Love's in Calvert City to do the work of the evangelist and then completed the 110 mile drive to Trinity Pentecostal Church on the west side of Central City.

We pulled in about 4:00 and Pastor Alan Harris and his wife, Sis. Tammy were waiting for us with big smiles and hugs all around. We have been preaching revivals here for many years and it seems like it has been forever since we have been here.

They helped us load in equipment, get the bus parked and hooked up and then we visited a while. It was way past dark and I was ready to go to bed, when I discovered it was only 5:30! Nothing like a busy day and a time change to upset your body clock!

The revival began Wednesday night and we have been enjoying services, meals and wonderful fellowship with our friends. Thursday night we had special friends visit the service and bless us so much. Hopefully, you will see pictures of them in the Revival In Pictures post on Monday.


Pastor Alan and Sis. Tammy Harris

Thank you for stopping in to spend a few minutes with us.


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