Saturday, November 6, 2021

Pod’N Me Podcast With Friends

Hey Friends,

Welcome to another Saturday post written by Odie. Today the BoggsMobile is located in West Paducah, Kentucky. We are enjoying revival at High Point Pentecostal  Church. It has been good to be here this week with Pastor Doug Stevens. 

Pod’N Me Podcast
Previously I have told you about my favorite podcast. It is called Pod’N Me. This podcast is a fantabulous way to brighten a dark day. You can listen to archived episodes of the show too. Many of the episodes I have listened to multiple times. I look forward to a new episode each Wednesday!

If you are not a regular Pod'N Me listener, allow me to briefly introduce you to this podcast. Pastor Devin Birdsong has been hosting the podcast since May 2020. Last fall Bro. Dustin Wakley and Bro. Brad Cottrell became a permanent fixture on the show. These three men make up a terrific podcast team.

Bro. Devin Birdsong is known as the Poderator or the Virtual Pastor in Pod’N Me land. Bro. Devin’s faithful helpers are known as The Deacon and The Song Leader. 

Pod’N Me also has an official listener named Hershall. Every show is produced with this listener in mind. Bro. Judd Ingram has now assumed the role of Hershall. He makes regular appearances on the show and Hershall gets a shoutout somewhere in each episode. 

Several months ago after I wrote a post featuring Pod’N Me here on the blog, Bro. Devin officially gave me a fun title on the show too. I am known as The Super Fan. I gladly represent my favorite podcast! 

The format of the show is set up to resemble a Wednesday church service. There are always many fun things happening during their Wednesday Pod’N Meetings. They also serve up some food for thought too. I always leave the virtual meetings encouraged!

Pod'N Me also releases a special bonus show on the first day of each month. On the bonus episodes, they feature an interview with a guest. I really enjoy getting to hear great testimonies during the interviews. This is a wonderful way to get to know the guest better.
Commercial Break
Pod'N Me is available on several different podcast platforms.  I  listen to it on the Apple Podcast App.  You can find it on Apple hereMore Pod'N Me information can be found here. 

The crew at Pod'N Me loves to hear from their listeners! You can leave feedback on Apple reviews.  You can also reach them a by email at Do not forget to tell them that you heard about the show from The Super Fan! Your feedback might possibly be read on the  show during an upcoming episode.

A Visit With Friends
I have something extremely fun to share with you today. Bro. Devin invited me to make a guest appearance on Pod’N Me. I was honored by his amazing invitation! I was thrilled to be the guest for the special November 1st bonus episode. 

They decided to take the show on the road  so we could record an episode together. On October 28th Bro  Devin brought his equipment from Purcell, Oklahoma to Moore, Oklahoma. We recorded along with Bro. Dustin and Bro. Brad at the Crosslight Chapel.

We had a great time recording this episode of Pod’N Me! I had a blast and that is an understatement! I am laughing as I tell you about it right now. 

I always talk to them when I listen to the show and give them my feedback. Normally nobody really hears what I say, because I am alone while I listen. I was thrilled to actually be part of the conversation live this time!

We had a fabulous time during the interview. They learned a few unknown facts about me from our conversation. Also many of the things that we discussed have become reoccurring topics on the show. I wish you all could have been there.

Thank you, Bro. Devin, for the invitation to be on Pod'N Me! Thank you, Bro. Dustin and Bro. Brad, for allowing me to join in on your fun! I appreciate all of you taking time to record around my schedule and location.

The time we spent recording this show will go down in my favorite memories of 2021!  Keep up the good work at Pod'N Me. I will continue to do my job as The Super Fan to encourage you on the sidelines.

To our readers, I would love to know your opinion of this Pod'N Me episode. Thanks to all of my family and friends that have already listened to the episode and sent me their comments.
Well friends, I appreciate  you stopping by to visit with me today. I am always glad to spend a moment of my Saturday with you. I hope you have a terrific weekend.



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