Monday, November 23, 2020

What's Up Weekend? 11/23/2020

We have a bunch of weekends that do not go as planned, but this one is an unplanned weekend for the record books.😁

Originally, we would have been finishing revival at Crosslight Sunday. Gainesville had to postpone revival so we moved Crosslight to the previous Sunday and moved the church in Castle Rock, Colorado to yesterday.

Bro. McCoy's father in law passed away in Ohio. They obviously are in Ohio this week so we made alternate plans for this Sunday again.

Thursday a reoccurring glitch raised its head on the BoggsMobile and I thought it was going to shut us down. The bus has a sensor that is occasionally reading incorrectly and if that false reading persists more than 30 seconds, it will shut the bus off and we would be dead beside the road.

I talked to Jeff Rowe from Tennessee Luxury Coach about it (He has been consulted on it from the beginning) and decided it was time to do something. Between Oklahoma and Colorado Springs, we will cross a few hundred miles of desolate road and I am trying to avoid a 300 mile tow. Ouch!

There is a shop called American Fleet in Springfield, Missouri. They specialize in Detroit engines. They were familiar with the sensor and how to change it, but they could not get us in.

They suggested and Jeff concurred on a temporary solution. IF I could find a Detroit shop that would hook up to the computer in the bus, they could change the parameters and we could run with no worries.

I found a shop in Wichita, Central Power Systems and Services, that was willing to do it. We detoured there Friday and in a matter of minutes, the job was complete. The sensor will have to be replaced later, but for now, we can keep rolling if the warning is false. I have other gauges to watch for a real rise in temperature. Hallelujah!

After the repair, we drove over to Bethany Revival Center and parked the bus. Pastor DiZazzo asked us to preach Sunday, so we did. It was a great Sunday to be there since it was Pastor Appreciation. 

We loved getting in on Appreciating Pastor John and Sis. Judy DiZazzo Sunday morning! The whole service was excellent! Sunday night was very good as well and that wrapped up the weekend perfectly.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Kelly Jo backing the bus in Moore, Oklahoma

Putting is some liquid dinosaur remnants.

So even though our plans went haywire and we zigged and zagged a few times, we ended the weekend feeling like we were right where we belonged. Praise God for His help!

Thank you for joining us for Mile Markers.


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