Friday, November 13, 2020

Revival In Pictures-Paden, Oklahoma

We are having a wonderful time at Burnett Mission near Paden, Oklahoma this week and it is hard to believe the week of revival is almost over. We have one more night to go and we are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for His people.

Burnett Mission has a long history for good in this community. They have been having church on this corner for about 95 years. Pastor Terry Garner and his family have jumped in here the last several years and helped to continue that legacy. It is wonderful to receive an invitation to join with them for a week of revival!

Let us get right to the heart of the matter here today which is Revival In Pictures! We had some very special visitors Thursday night. See if you can spot them. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you for stopping by.


Pastor Terry Garner and Sis. Christa

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