Saturday, November 28, 2020

My Special Friend Jessie Everett

Hey Friends,

Happy Saturday, this is Odie checking in with you from Colorado. It is great to see you here. How was your week? Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? I am doing great.

We often talk here about the wonderful friends. It is a massive blessing to have friends! A lot of my friendships happened by, what seemed like, chance. I can look back and see that God has orchestrated many of my friendships. My friends have been there for me during important times of life.

One of those big times happened when I was thirteen. We moved from Ohio and started pastoring in Kansas. We had been at home for six years so moving was a huge change for me. I remember being extremely worried about leaving home. My family and lots of my friends were now eight hundred miles away. I wondered how I would survive the change.

God blessed me with a great group of friends! It was so good to make new friends at revivals, youth camps and camp meetings. We were all from different places but we meshed together beautifully. We had a blast together. I needed that special friend group. They accepted me and welcomed me with open arms. I honestly do not remember feeling like the new girl. It was awesome!

Years later I still keep close contact with some of those friends. Life has had twists and turns for all of us. Many miles separate most of us and we never get to all be in one place. One thing has not changed, we are forever friends! I am thankful for all of them. Their gift of friendship is something that I treasure.

I got to see one of my special friends earlier this year and it made me so happy!

My Friend Jessie Everett
I was fourteen years old when I met Jessie Kewer. We quickly became friends. Jess was super shy back then. She enjoyed being in the background.

Twenty years have passed and she is one of my dearest friends. We share a ton of great memories. We have been together celebrating the happy moments of life. Also, we have supported one another when life has knocked the breath out of us! I am thankful for the bond of our friendship.

Now our paths do not often connect, but any time that we are together is special. Jessie married Chad Everett almost eleven years ago. They now travel and work in the ministry. It is always good to hear that God is blessing their ministry.

West Virginia is home base for Jessie and Chad. I was thrilled when our May visit to Romney, West Virginia made it possible for me to see Jessie. Thankfully they were home and could come to revival.

The visit was short and sweet, but I needed those few moments with my friend. Due to social distancing, our hugs were air hugs. It was wonderful to catch up with Jessie again. We are already looking forward to the next visit.

Jessie and Chad, Thanks for taking the time to be with us! Jess, I love ya, girl! Thanks for always being my friend. I appreciate you more than you can ever know. I hope to see you again soon.

Thanks for visiting the blog today. It is great to have you spend a few moments with me. I hope you have a fabulous weekend.


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