Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday-Mile Markers Birthday

I posted a short service last night with a sermon called What Manner of Persons Ought We To Be? I hope you can set aside a few minutes to listen to it.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA! I have prepared a small Thanksgiving homily to post tomorrow and I hope to have a video version of it ready for you on our YouTube channel as well. We plan to be on the road on Thanksgiving day, being as careful as we can. May God bless you all and keep you safe.

Vintage View 
November 7 was our 11 year anniversary of writing here on As of today, November 25, there are 3829 Mile Markers published right here. Wow! That is a lot of words, a lot of pictures, a lot of friends, a lot of hamburgers, a lot of tacos, a lot of salsa, a lot of revivals and a whole lot of miles marked along the way!

We first posted our Mile Markers on Our posting there was often infrequent because of technical problems and lack of internet. We moved to this blogger site so that we could update friends easier during our second trip to Nigeria in 2009. 

It worked and here we are 11 years later, posting nearly every day for several of those years. That original site (davykellyandodie) now points here as well.

For Vintage View Wednesday, we are taking you back to that first month of posts. I could only post one picture at a time by email from Nigeria so I posted 52 times in November and 87 times in December. Below is just a sampling.

Our photography standards have always been pretty loose around here, but it is interesting to see how much they have improved, thankfully. Some of these are painful, but here they are.

Our very first post. A Ron's Double Big Daddy!

photo.jpg (400×300)

The same day I tried publishing a post by email and it worked. Here is the picture.

Our luggage ready for our second trip to Nigeria.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Advertising the lay down flat First Class seats on the seat back screen in the cattle section.

23 hours later we arrived at our hotel in Abeokuta!

A tasty lunch!

Hotel staff

Praying for Odie at the hotel.

Thank you for tuning in.


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