Friday, November 6, 2020

Ashdown Holiness Church In Pictures

Two Notes:
We are planning to be at Burnett Mission near Paden, Oklahoma all next week. The last time we were there, the cell signal was almost nonexistent. We may not be posting pictures and we may not be posting at all. IF you do not hear from us every day, you will know why.

Also, Pastor Dennis King from Gainesville, Texas has had a rough year physically and is not doing very well right now at all. His difficulties are totally unrelated to COVID, but he needs the Lord to help him.

We were supposed to begin revival there on November 15, but we are postponing that and beginning revival instead for Bro. Lendell Birdsong at Crosslight Chapel on the 15th. You can keep up with changes HERE.

Ashdown Holiness Church In Pictures
We had a wonderful time with Pastor Luke Shuecraft, Sis. Emily and the saints in Ashdown, Arkansas. We have been aware of the Ashdown Holiness Church and known some of the people for nearly 30 years, but this was our first visit there. We enjoyed it very much.

Bro. Luke and the saints are doing good, the church is growing and the Lord is moving in their community. It was wonderful to be there with them and witness firsthand what the Lord is doing.

We have known Bro. Luke for most of his life and it is awesome to see him grown into a man of God and working in His service. It is easy to see the hand of God on His life and I loved observing him in the pulpit. That was worth the trip right there.

We have also known the Bohan family for many years and it was super great to reunite with them. We have worshipped with them at camp meetings and revival services all over the country in years past and we loved having church with them again.

Bro. Tommy Bohan is quite a preacher and singer and although we did not get to hear him preach, we were blessed to hear him sing again. Wow! What a blessing we enjoyed!

Odie snapped a few pictures while we were there. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you for stopping by Mile Markers.


Davy and Bro. Tommy Bohan

Pastor Luke Shuecraft

Bro. and Sis. Bohan

Sis. Shuecraft and their girls

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