Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Wait Time Is Unknown

Hey Friends,

This is Odie coming to you from somewhere in the United State of America. Who knows where I am today? Actually, I do know where I am for a change on Saturday morning. We do not have far to travel today so we are still in Paden, OK at Burnett Mission. It is good to have you visit us. I hope you are doing well!

The Wait Time Is Unknown
I love to eat and I enjoy visiting my favorite restaurants. Eating is a big event that I anxiously look forward to daily! You can not always walk, or in my case, roll into a  restaurant and immediately start eating. There may not be a table available. The wait for a table is painful when you are "starving". You do not want to see me hangry!

Then there is the wait for the food to be prepared. It is just terrible to wait! Once the delicious food comes and our bellies are full, it was definitely worth the wait. My hanger is forgotten and I did not starve.

Life is full of all types of waiting periods that are not easy. The little four letter word "wait" seems to be the theme of my life. Have you ever lived this word? The word wait is not a bad four letter word. It can actually bring about good things for the child of God.

The action of waiting gets tiresome. I have learned so much by waiting for God's timing in my life! Patience and trust have been reoccurring lessons that coincide with waiting for me. It is not always easy to patiently wait and trust God to work in His time.

It seems that I constantly have a waiting list of things that I am wanting God to move on in my life. Some days the wait time slaps me in the face. It is easy to wish that everything is automatically fixed. How awesome would that be for our problems to all just disappear?

Then it is time for a heart to heart talk with myself. I know from life experience that God's timing is perfect! Most of the time I am content to wait and watch Him work.  I know the joy that comes from waiting on God.

On these rough days, I have to pray it through once again until I remember God has perfect timing. It would be easy to have a pity party, but those parties are not profitable. They do not bring about any good for me. The good comes when I rehearse my blessings and promises that come from God! I have to put my head knowledge of the faithfulness of God back in my heart.

The contentment that comes from patiently trusting and waiting on God is sweet. My problems and hardships never magically disappear while I am waiting. Believing with all my heart that God is truly working on my situations brings me peace for the moment.

Are you waiting on God? I looked up the definition of wait. I found a couple that encouraged me. I wanted to share them with you.

"Stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens."

A verb is usually an action. Do not be discouraged in the delay of God's timing. Waiting and completely trusting in Him is the recipe for God to move in your life.

"A period of waiting." 

A noun is a person, place or thing. To wait for God to move is a real life thing. The period of waiting is a place most of us have experienced. The person we are waiting for is God Almighty! 

Here are some things to remember about God. He is in control. He is working in our lives. He is also seeing us through the waiting. Our individual wait times are unknown. Trust me, friend, God's timing will always be worth the wait! Here are a couple of scriptures that bring me comfort while I am waiting.

Psalms 39:7 "And now, Lord, What wait I for? my hope is in thee."

Psalms 59:9 "Because of his strength will I wait upon thee: for God is my defense."

While I was writing this post I was listening to a song, When God Says Wait, by The Browders on repeat. It was speaking to me and you can click here to listen to it

Thanks for reading! I am going to close with the lyric of the chorus of When God Says Wait. I woke up singing this chorus in the night.

When God Says Wait
Written by John Darin Rowsey and Matthew Browder

When God says wait
He's got something good in mind
He may seem late
But He'll be there right on time
He always has a plan
Just hold fast to the faith
The answer's in His hand 
When God Says Wait     



  1. Odie, TXS! for informing me about the Browders, thoroughly enjoy them & as a results, I've watched the whole following service;
    They were just wonderful.
    TXS! again.


  2. thanks for this! I am in a health battle right now can't swallow and anxiety is very high.. waiting is so hard but I am trying! I also enjoyed the song!

    1. Thank you for the comment, mellysue. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed my post and the song. I pray your wait is over soon! Hold on, I believe help is on the way for you. God bless you!


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