Tuesday, November 17, 2020

My Bubba And His Precious Wife

My Bubba, Steve, and his precious wife, Karen, drove down from Wichita to see us and in doing so they made our day! It was so refreshing to see them again!

There have been several times that we have went many, many months without seeing any of our immediate family. That is part and parcel of the life we lead and we understand that with no complaints. We miss our families, we miss our home church, we miss events and special days, but we know it is not possible to be at home AND on the road at the same time. 😁

It has always been a great joy to us when our families have ventured out of Ohio and visited us in a revival somewhere. It is not often they have been able to shake free from their day to day responsibilities and drive to us, but we have always loved it when they do.

Now that Steve and Karen are living in Wichita, they are closer to us a whole bunch of the time. They also have a load of daily responsibilities, but we were thrilled when they came to spend two nights of revival with us at Burnett Mission last week. 

They arrived in time for church Thursday night, spent the day with us Friday and stayed for church Friday night too. It was awesome to see their smiling faces AND to be in church with them two nights.

I asked them if they were willing to drive only a few minutes out of the way on their way home Saturday and they said "Yes" immediately. We wanted a little more time with them and we wanted to take them to Chelino's in Oklahoma City.

It takes us longer to get places in the bus than it does in a car, plus we needed to park the bus someplace. Chelino's does not have bus parking. We left Burnett Mission about 9:20 and parked the bus on the southside of OKC at a Walmart where we have parked frequently.

Steve and Karen left later and met us at Chelino's on Grand at 12:00. Also meeting us there was Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan. They drove about an hour one way from Pauls Valley. That is a long way to drive for lunch, but they have driven much further to see us.😁

We were super glad to be gathered with them and Steve and Karen at our favorite Mexican place in Oklahoma. It was a superb combination and just what the doctor ordered for me. It was a very satisfying lunch in all respects.

We even have pictures to prove it.

May God bless Steve and Karen in their ministry work in Wichita. May God bless them with more strength, more power, more health and more spiritual blessings. 

And may God bless us to see them more and more often!

Thank you, friends, for blessing us by stopping by Mile Markers today.



  1. Thank you Davy, we had a great time! I especially enjoyed being in services with you, the pastor and his family, all those beautiful children and families in the congregation at Burnett Mission Holiness Church.
    Thank you for your kind words and your constant example with encouragement.
    Love always, Steve

    1. We are so glad you came and thrilled that you enjoyed meeting our friends! We hope to see you again real soon!


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