Friday, June 26, 2020

This Week So Far 6/26/2020

We have driven 925 miles since we left home and I am writing to you from Walmart parking lot in New Boston, Texas.

 Unfortunately, those miles did not magically disappear under the wheels of the BoggsMobile and Green Machine. We started preparing early Monday morning, we drove Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and here we are.

We had one more dose of Acapulco salsa Monday for lunch. Yes!

Monday evening we pulled the bus out of the barn, did the work of the evangelist, pulled up to Odie's to load up the sound equipment and then parked outside the barn. Later I hooked the car up to the bus. I also backed the tent trailer into the barn.

Cousin Lisa took this picture as I was getting the bus turned around.

We left the ranch (The First Time) at about 9:35 AM Tuesday morning. Yep, you read that right, the first time. We drove about 5.5 miles and smelled brakes. The passenger side front brake was dragging every so slightly. The temperature was only a few degrees higher on that wheel, but brakes dragging is a bad thing.

I drove 2.5 miles more to Rural King and pulled into the parking lot. I talked to Jeff Rowe in Tennessee several times and he helped me determine it was not a bearing problem and that I had plenty of gear oil in the wheel. Thank God Jeff still takes my calls.

I disconnected the car and backed the bus over the width of the parking lot twice to give the slack adjusters a chance to back off the brakes. We drove 4 miles toward home and the temperatures were good. We drove 4 more miles the rest of the way home and the temperatures were good again.

Then we drove to Waynesville, Corwin and back home for a total of 9 miles and the temperatures were good. When we left home the final time, almost three hours had elapsed and we were zero miles toward our goal. UGH!

8 miles later at Rural King all was well so we hooked the car to the bus. Every time we checked the temperatures the rest of the day, I found more of the same good story. Hallelujah!

At the 5 hour mark I snapped a picture of the GPS. We had only driven 163 miles and we were less than 140 miles from home. At least we were rolling and we rolled into Trinity Pentecostal Church in Central City about 4:30 PM central time.

We had a great evening with our friends at Central City. Pastor Alan Harris and Sis. Tammy and all their folks have been so good to us for many years. It was great to see them again. I appreciate them being willing to have their midweek service on Tuesday and allow us to stop in on our way through! It was a special treat for us.

We saw this in Central City. "Yep, we're open!" And "Store Closing". Talk about mixed messaging.😀

Brand new concrete entrance!

We were blessed to eat lunch with Bro. Alan and Sis. Tammy Wednesday before we left. Very Good!

By 2:30 we were pulling into High Point Pentecostal Church In Paducah. It is a long convoluted story, but we were very glad it worked out for us to be there Wednesday night for service. We loved being with Pastor Doug Stevens and his family and all of his folks.

We hit the road before 8:00 Thursday and drove 520 miles to Walmart in New Boston, Texas. We thank God for great weather, light traffic, the bus running well and strength drive all day. Praise God for his help. 

We drove about 30 miles further than we planned, because the place I planned to park overnight did not work out. Sometimes you have to keep rolling a bit.

We are less than 150 miles from our destination, but we will not finish the trip until tomorrow. We have some important paperwork to complete today. We have planned this day for that task and we are praying that it goes well.

Thank you for joining us today. May God bless you.


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