Monday, June 29, 2020

35 Years

Normally on Monday, you see a description of the weekend. We did have an exciting weekend with lots of pictures to show you, but I am pushing that off until tomorrow. Today I have a short glimpse back to June 29, 1985.

35 years ago today!

All those many years ago, Kelly Jo pulled the most brain dead stunt she has ever attempted. She committed to spending the rest of her life with me, come what may. 

Wow! What a crazy move, but a good thing for me!

Some of you may not take much convincing, but let it be known, KJo was not marrying Mr. Lots-Of-Potential. I was not the best pick of the litter.

I had just graduated high school, I had no plans to go to college, my earning potential was minimum wage, my prospects for improvement were lousy, my character was questionable, my history was sketchy and my personal experience with God was shaky.

I did have a big smile and lots of hair.

That was about all I had. Well, I did have a 1974 VW Bug with a payment book.

Kelly Jo really was a good young lady with a heart for God. She was talented, friendly and beautiful. Why in the world did she marry a loser? Why did she jump off the proverbial cliff? It may be that I was the first one to ask her and she thought her options were limited.

I praise God on a regular basis that she married me. 35 years ago, she said the words, made the commitment and she has kept her end of the bargain perfectly.

Grace and love. Grace and love brought us to this point 35 years later. God had so much grace on me and extends his love to me over and over. And Kelly Jo's grace and love should not be discounted in the equation. She poured her life into mine and made me the man I am today.

This woman is amazing! She loves God, she loves God's work and she loves God's people. AND she loves me and is devoted to me in a way that I can hardly believe and could never describe properly.

She loves our daughter. She has taken care of a special needs child for 34 years and over 20 of those years she was doing that while living on the road. Kelly Jo has never shirked her duty but has always risen to the occasion.

35 years! It sounds weird to say it. When did we reach the age when any part of our lives could be 35 years in the past? Yet the numbers do not lie. Here we are.

Thank you, Kelly Jo, for staying with me. Thank you for following me around the USA and to other parts of the world. Thank you for being ready for adventure at a moment's notice. Thank you for inspiring me to be a Godly man and a better husband and father.

I am privileged to have spent the last 35 years married to you. I look forward to many more years by God's grace. I love you KJo

Thank you for joining us, friends.



  1. Congratulations to you guys! Have a great day

  2. BroDavy, Your history may have been sketchy and Your personal experience with God was shaky may have very well been the case before getting KJo & oh yea Ya had some hair & a big smile but that isn't what got KJo for You. Somehow or another You were praying just right is what got KJo for You & GOD knew what was best for You & KJo. You & KJo just keep on (Odie, also) at it with GOD & all shall be well !~!


    1. You are always so kind, Bro. Frankie! Thank you for that.

      God bless you, buddy!



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