Thursday, June 4, 2020

No Time For Laziness

I often tell my wife and daughter. There must be an easier way for a lazy man to make a living.

Sometimes, I think that I might slide into being lazy. Yes, that is the truth. However, there are a few things that keep me from sliding into a life of slothfulness.

Number One: I am a Christian and Christians can not be lazy. Was Christ, the son of God, Lazy? Absolutely not! What is a Christian? A Christian is Christ like. Therefore a Christian can not live a lazy life and live up to the name of Christ. It is not an option.

There may be men and women that go by the name Christian and yet they are verifiably lazy. Please take note of a lazy "Christian" and remember there is another name for that type of Christian.

1. I refuse to be lazy because I am saved, I am a Christian.

Number Two: I am 53 years old and I still live in dread of my Dad catching me being lazy. My Dad taught us to work, emphasized the importance of work and set a blazing example of work. Every time I am tempted to be lazy, I hear my Dad's voice, I understand his teaching and I think of His example.

I hear my Dad saying, "What's wrong with you? You got the dropsy? Stand up. Get your hands out of your pockets. Nobody wants to hire you with your hands in your pockets"

1. I refuse to be lazy because I am saved, I am a Christian.
2. I was raised with an emphasis on work and warned of the dangers of laziness.

Number Three: I am married to the hardest working woman that I know and definitely the hardest working evangelist wife. Her example inspires me and compels me to get up and go find something productive to do.

KJo is like the energizer bunny. She keeps going and going and going. She takes care of me, the bus, Odie and then helps me work on the barn, the house, the bus and the yard. She carries sound equipment and hooks it up too. She breaks it down, rolls up cords and I have to threaten her to keep her from carrying heavy speakers.

She buys groceries, cooks, cleans, washes laundry and then does it all over again. She helps me with the bookwork of Boggs Family Ministries and she also helps me with our personal finances. If I am not real careful, she will do the things I need to do and leave me to wallow in my laziness.

No, I can not be lazy and allow my wife to do it all. My Lord would not be happy. My Dad would not be happy. Kelly Jo would not be...Well, I am not sure that is correct. She might still be happy working and me being lazy, but  I could not live with myself.

Therefore, I must get to work. I have spent enough time on this today, I better get busy!

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  1. When You snooze, You lose. Now just simply keep on working for GOD & all shall be well !~!



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