Friday, June 5, 2020

A Week In Pictures and Words

There was one thing on the agenda Monday after we returned home, mowing the grass. We had been gone nine days and it had been eleven days since the yard had been mowed. I cut it on Thursday, 5/21, then spread Weed and Feed on Odie's yard the next day, Friday and left Saturday. Dad told me they had a few big showers of rain while we were gone and it had been hot and humid most days.

All of that combined to produce a hayfield by the time we returned. Before I could get the mower out of the barn, I was having trouble with it again so I switched to Dad's old mower that lives out its retirement in the barn.

Here are a few pictures to show how long the grass was. I mowed with the mower on the highest setting.

I did finally get the regular mower going again Monday. The fuse we had trouble with a few weeks ago had vibrated out again. I fixed it back again temporarily. I will apply a more permanent fix today.

How in the world does a guy that hates mowing and tending to grass grow a yard this beautiful? This is three days after mowing.

Kelly Jo spent all day Monday getting caught up on laundry. I should say she spent all the time she had left after helping me multiple times. See yesterday for clarification.

Wednesday afternoon and evening we sat on Odie's driveway and porch and visited with my parents and with Steve, Karen and Jojo. That was refreshing and certainly the highlight of our day.

Tuesday was dedicated to catching up on bookwork. KJo helped me with the ministry books and our personal books. It always feels great to get that caught up and feels even better when they balance at the end!

Of course, we had a few Mexican meals this week.

Speaking of Mexican, we had some more lovely socially distant fellowship with our dear friends, Pastor EJ Lamb and his little family on Thursday at lunch. The food was from Acapulco.

Bro. EJ took a preaching spell in our "old" online church. 😂

We had a wonderful time visiting with our friends.

Several hours later, I had to eat supper, right?

Bro. EJ, Carter and Hudson helped me tote some sound equipment from the bus to the garage and Thursday evening KJo and I hooked everything up in the Beach Cottage Chapel. In the evening we did a short sound check and turned on the camera for 22 minutes. 

We plan to have Friday night revival service at 8:00 PM eastern tonight so we wanted everything sounding as good as we could get it. It sounded like us, so that is about as good as we could do.

That took care of our week to this point. Praise God for a good week. Thank you for joining us on Mile Markers today. I hope to see you tonight at revival.


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