Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Making Circles Again

We may be making small circles, but we are glad to be making circles again! Yay!!!

We left the Lazy OD Ranch before 8:00 on Saturday morning, May 23. We arrived in Romney, West Virginia about 8 hours later. We had driven about 400 miles and the majority of those miles were slow going with curves and mountains. There is no way to go fast in the mountains with the BoggsMobile, so those days we put our hand to the plow and keep our eyes on the prize.

After church on Friday night, May 29, we cranked the bus and drove 72 miles. Those 72 miles took us two hours and that was the whole point of driving at night. We were shaving time off Saturday's drive time and breaking up the mountains into two stages.

We spent the night at the West Virginia welcome center in I-68 west. West Virginia Welcome center? I thought we were already in West Virginia. Yes, we were, but we first went north on 28 to Cumberland, Maryland and then west on I-68 about 40 miles into West Virginia again.

We were thankful to see two open spots when we pulled in about midnight and we only needed one of them! We slept pretty good until almost 7:00 AM and we were soon rolling again. The first 250 miles took us about 5 hours. Whew! It was good to get back into Kentucky.

We pulled into Hodgenville Pentecostal Church after nearly 8 hours and we were glad to get there and get parked. We had a great evening Saturday and a wonderful time with our friends Sunday at HPC. After lunch, we cranked the bus and drove 200 miles home, arriving at the Ranch a few minutes before 8:00

We loved being at HPC with Pastor David Webb and his fine folks and we loved being with Pastor Bob Jeffreys and all his people at Safe Haven Tabernacle. It is hard for me to believe, but that was my first time ever preaching in West Virginia as far as I can remember. It was not my first time praying in West Virginia. I have driven the bus through lots of times and that always requires prayer!

This circle was 1122 miles, 9 days, 5 states, 2 churches, 8 services and 2 sound checks. Yep, it may have been a small circle, but we are glad to be making circles again. Our next circle with be another quick one and then we will venture out a little longer if all things remain equal or improve in this world.

My heart was so heavy when we arrived home Sunday night. I am heartbroken at the hate and anger in our nation. God help us all! I had a few scriptures to read and few things to say. I hope it is helpful.

Thank you for dropping by Mile Markers today. See you tomorrow.



  1. Boggs Family,
    It was great to see you all again on Sunday. Our family was blessed as always when you sing and preach. You always come with the anointing and it can be felt in your songs and preaching. We love you guys!

    1. It was wonderful to be there. We love your family and all of our family at HPC. May God bless you all!



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