Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview July 17, 2018

To do the weekend weport justice, we need to go back a bit further into the week.

We figured the 1200+ mile drive home from Colorado would take us until Wednesday. Since we left after church Sunday night and pushed hard for us, we made it in Tuesday night. That means Wednesday was a bonus and declared a rest day. Yay!

I wonder how long that lasted?

Although we did take it easy a bit Wednesday morning, we ended up hitting the ground running so that we would have time to get most things done before we pulled out again Saturday. Oh well, we had good intentions.

As more and more of the house became completed over the months, the garage had became the construction storage depot AND the workshop. The walls and ceilings need to be painted so that had to change.

When we arrived home Tuesday night, I had dropped the tent trailer at the top of the driveway. Wednesday I hooked up to it, pulled by the garage and Kelly Jo and I loaded a bunch of plywood, other lumber and stuff into it for transport to the barn.

Then we unloaded in the barn and parked the tent trailer.

We shut down Wednesday night in time for me to take Kelly Jo out for a nice dinner as a belated celebration for her birthday. We neglected pictures, but we did eat well. Trust me, we ate really well!

However, the garage was not finished whipping up on me. I wanted to move the table saw and miter saw out of the garage too, but there was some trim to put up in the garage and several boards that needed to be cut for some attic storage.

That means I had to jump into that task Thursday before I could move the saws. With that completed, more stuff went to the barn. I finally finished the garage Friday morning.

I hear you saying, "That is clean?" Yep! Believe it or not, that is a lot better than it was. Mostly my father in law needs room to walk and everything moved away from the walls.

Late Thursday night I properly disposed of a dump truck load of cardboard and scrap lumber. My brother Steve and my Dad have taken care of most of the debris during most of the construction process, but it comes time for me to do something, right?

Thursday afternoon and evening Bro. Josh Clayton and his family from Hodgenville, Kentucky were here installing the security cameras on the house. 

Odie now has a view completely around the house as well as a good view of the barn and everything is recorded too. She will also be able to monitor the cameras remotely. Sweet!

We had prepared the house with Cat 6 cable during the electrical rough-in and all of that came to life Thursday as Bro Josh worked. We purchased a nice camera system from Bro. Josh's company at a great price and we love the finished result. Thank you, Brother. It was great to spend time with your family.

We first got to know this family when we spent a month at HPC in Hodgenville with Pastor David Webb in spring of 2017. They are a great family!

Besides Kelly Jo helping me a bunch, she and Odie have been busy making Odie's house a home. Odie has been gathering "stuff" for the house a long time and they are beginning the process of situating it all.

I am sure Odie will have more pictures of all that in the future.

Kelly Jo's Dad finished the final coats of paint inside while we were gone and also painted the front door in Odie's color of choice. It is now the "go to" picture place!

Friday I did a big clean up on the fire pit at the Lazy OD Ranch. Now it has a fresh start.

Some of you may remember that the fire pit started life as a hand dug well. It had not produced water for years and was pretty skanky and dangerous when we purchased the property. 

Bro. Mitch Boggs Jr. and Bro. Jason Fellers poured a concrete top for it when they came in 2015 to put a roof on the barn. 

That part is perfect but the block wall needs some work now. I do not think those block were made to withstand all the heat from a fire. All in good time.

The girls have also been unpacking and then packing getting ready to leave again. Saturday was the Boggs Reunion at Carter Caves State Park near Olive Hill, Kentucky.

It was a little hot, but we had a great time will our family. It was wonderful to see our "favorites" again! We will try to post a few pictures of that later.

Early Sunday morning we made our way to the airport in Cincinnati to fly to Seattle. We had a straight through flight, picked up the rental car and went to visit our new friends at India Christian Assembly.

By the time we arrived at church Sunday morning, we had been traveling 10 hours. It is a good thing they were already involved in lively worship!

Here are a few pictures from Odie and cousin Lisa from the day.

We had a super great morning with Pastor Victor George and his people. They received us very well and responded to our signing and preaching too. It was wonderful getting acquainted with them and we look forward to seeing them again in the future.

By the time we arrived at our hotel Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan were there and we went for a fabulous meal and even more fabulous fellowship. When I made it to our room I crashed landed in the bed and there was no recovery for several hours. No pictures.😀😀

That wraps up our weekend. Thank you for joining us.


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