Thursday, July 12, 2018

Travel and Tent Take Down

We spent the night Monday in a rest area in Boonville, Missouri. We parked in a good spot for low noise and I think we all slept pretty good. The temperature was in the 80's with humidity in the 80's at bed time so we ran the generator and air conditioning all night. No problem, that is why we have a generator and we are thankful for it!

We were about two hours from St. Louis so we delayed our departure Tuesday morning so that we would miss rush hour. It worked mostly. Traffic was heavy, but we sailed right on through.

The total drive Tuesday ended up at 535 miles and nearly 10 hours. That included emptying the holding tanks and filling the diesel tank at Flying J a few miles from home.

As we pulled into the drive at the Lazy OD Ranch, Mom and Dad pulled in behind us. Kelly Jo fetched the wheel chair so Odie could go in the house and then she unloaded the car from the trailer. 

I unhooked the trailer, turned the bus around and backed into the barn with KJ and Dad's help. Then we visited with Dad and Mom and then Steve and Karen in Odie's house a while before bedtime. 

After 1230 miles pulling the massive tent trailer behind me, it felt good to back the BoggsMobile in the barn and sleep. I did wake up a few times and wonder where in the world I was. Normal.

Today we have pictures from the tent take down in Colorado Springs. Pastor Thomas decided to begin service Sunday evening at 6:00 so that we would have more daylight for the process. Very nice! It also put us on the road an hour earlier.

Because of the heavy rain earlier in the week, Bro. Gary Thomas has spread some wood chips in the areas that could get muddy. When I had KJ back the bus up to the trailer Sunday afternoon, I did not realize I was putting the bus in the deepest wood chips. The diver's side tires spun down to the mud when we backed the trailer into position. Oops!

Once the tent stuff was loaded into the tent trailer I was hoping the bus would not be stuck. I pulled a trick Bro. Chris Juneau taught me. I held the brakes pretty firmly with my left foot and pushed the accelerator with my right, making the power of the motor overcome the moderate braking. He told me years ago that would help keep the slipping side wheels from spinning.

It worked and we pulled right out. Once on the pavement, we loaded the car and headed home.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I could not do this without the assistance of all these fine folks!


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