Monday, July 9, 2018

Weekend Woudup and Weview July 9, 2018

We have had a wonderful weekend of tent revival in Colorado Springs. Each night the anticipation level has intensified and the services have been tremendous. We are praising God for saving, healing and delivering. Hallelujah!

I want to tell you something that happened to us on the way here from Wichita.

If you have traveled by car from lower elevations to higher elevations then you have experienced things expanding almost to the point of bursting. An unopened bag of chips in Wichita will look like it is about to burst 10 hours later in Denver. A bottle of any liquid will likely spew some out when you open it.

There in lies the story.

When we left Wichita Sunday night after church we were at 1300' above sea level. The drive north on I-135 and then west on I-70 looks flat for the most part. There are no steep climbs and certainly no mountain passes but the road west is steady climbing all the time.

By the time you reach Colby, Kansas you are at 3150'. At the Kansas and Colorado state line you are at 3900' and Colorado Springs is at 6000' elevation. That is quite a change without ever climbing a steep hill.

While driving Monday a few miles east of Colorado Springs we all heard a distinctly "different" sound that lasted only an instant. It was not really a pop and not really a sound of air gushing, but some kind of combination of the two.

We were not sure where it came from or exactly what it was. Kelly Jo got up and looked around inside the bus for something that could explain the sound and found nothing.

As soon as I found a place, I stopped along side the road and we looked everything over outside. All 14 tires were good, the air conditioning covers were in place and the contents of the tent trailer had not shifted. We were stumped.

Monday evening, Kelly Jo found the culprit. She had put this full and unopened  container of bath wash in a small carry-on piece of luggage. The luggage was in the back of the BoggsMoble sitting on a comforter.

When she opened the bag, the container was COMPLETELY empty and the Mango Splash was all over the inside of the bag and was oozing out onto the comforter. Evidently the elevation change put so much pressure on the bottle that all of the contents exploded out the top in one big gush.

Can you imagine the mess we would have had IF the bottle had been sitting some where outside of that bag like the counter top or in a cabinet with 100 other things that would have to be cleaned up. 

Kelly Jo said it happened in the very best place.

The moral of the story. Be careful about going higher, you may blow your top!

We have had a wonderful weekend so far. The altar services have been outstanding. 

Saturday I spent some time getting things ready to ride. I filled up the fresh water, made sure the grey water was draining and worked to organize the trailer some. Most of the trailer preparation had to wait until we unloaded the sound equipment and set it under the tent Sunday.

I am preparing this post Sunday morning because today is probably going to get busy. We have service this morning and 10:15 and service this evening at 6:00. In between I plan to get the trailer ready for loading the chairs and tent and then move the BoggsMobile into position so that I can hook up to the trailer.

After church tonight, if the tent is dry, we hope to take it all down, pack it all away, strap it all down, load up the Green Machine and then drive a few hours. That does not leave me much time to finish this post, so this might be all. If so, then I will let you know if our grand plans worked out later.

Thank you for stopping in today.


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