Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Travel Days - 1200+ Mile Home

We will post pictures from tent revival and of taking down the tent in Colorado Springs later in the week. Right now I need to bring you up to date on our weekend and travel toward home.

Sunday morning when I was writing our weekend update, we had two services on Sunday of tent revival left, a bunch of prep work to be completed for tent take down and transport, plus I wanted to drive a few hours Sunday night.

It did not look very possible, but we determined to stick to the plan and see what happened.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Early Sunday I worked in the trailer some and then two of Bro. Gary Thomas' sons helped me set up the sound equipment about 8:00 AM. So far so good.

We had a great service Sunday morning and then I finished preparing for the last service and taking down the tent. I had the lights down, the sound system cords on the ground, the trailer sorted, the items outside that needed to be outside and the BoggsMobile hooked up to the trailer by 3:30 Sunday afternoon. Perfect!

Here is Kelly Jo moving the bus into position so that we could hook up to the trailer.

After everything was in place the rain clouds descended and the radar did not look good. Rain on the tent that late was not good for my plan, but if we had to stay over until Monday, we would roll with it.

We escaped with a very, very light sprinkle! Hallelujah!

Church began at 6:00 and we had another wonderful service. We said "Amen" about 7:50 and began the process to take everything down. The Souls Harbor Church and even visitors jumped in to load chairs, take down the sound system and then get the tent on the ground and packed up. By 9:00 we were ready to load the car in the trailer and strap it down.

We were saying tearful goodbyes to all of our new friends and pulling out of Souls Harbor Church about 9:30 PM. We wiggled out of town and 75 miles later we were turning on I-70 east.

We drove five hours and 300 nice trouble free miles Sunday night and stopped to sleep at a rest area near Ogallah, Kansas. We rested a few hours at the rest area and left about noon central time on Monday. 

We drove about 400 more miles Monday. The first 3 hours of traveling were a pleasure and then we were smacked with the reality of traffic as we approached Topeka and Kansas City. That was slooooow going.

Our only stop for the day was a fuel stop.

Monday night we stopped at a rest area near Boonville, Missouri. That is where I am typing from now.

We have about 515 more miles to go and we should be home by Tuesday night by God's grace.

Thank you for reading today.


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